Newbie just getting started

I have a Super Closet Trinity system, and giving it a go. Seems everywhere I turn, I have questions. I have a well, and many moons ago, I tried it, and my plants did not do well. I’m pretty sure that I had too much sodium in the water from the water softener. That said, I can go to town, and get tap water and let it sit and dechlorinate, or even add tablets. Or, and the best PH water I have is out of my spring fed pond. But, I’m worried about algae, insects, and bacterias.
So, 1st question- best source of water for Ebb and Flow system?
I have a heat mat and an old fashioned black ridged box with humidity top, and I have a superponic 16 3" net cup thing… with an air pump and humidity top. Which is best to start seeds in rockwool? Do I bring the water just to the base of the net cup, or 1/2" into it? Or just at the base and let the air bubble mist serve to hydrate the seed/tiny plant?
What nutrients should I use for seeds to say, 3 leaves?

Hmmm… I’m sure that I’ll have more questions.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community ! Lots of Growers here if you need help.

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1 1/2 to 2" below net pot. You may have to top feed which you can do manually twice per day until roots hit reservoir. This is to avoid damping off the plant and preventing stem rot. Make sure liquid temps remain below 70F to keep nasty stuff from growing in it.

The best water for hydro is R/O or distilled. A small R/O unit is less than $60 on Amazon and is well worth it.


R/O water. get a R/O unit like @myfriends410 suggested. If your talking about actually starting seeds, start them in a glass of water until you start to see the tap root, then I put mine in a damp paper towel in a sealed baggy until tap root is around 1/2" then put them in rapid rooters or root riot. Rockwell works too. I dont start nutes until the 4th set of nodes on the plant, and then I only use 1/4 strengh for a week or so Many here will offer great help. Be cool to see your setup.

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