Self topping plant and sister updates white widow fem

Looking good!

any idea the stretch ill get when i switch to 12/12?

They could grow twice their height when flowing.

i think ill probably flip to 12/12 in about 2 weeks

hows she looking now?

Out of the three I had two started showing Male and female pre flowers one if which was the one with odd growth here are some pics of the one that made it I have been talking with another member and am going to transplant later today. how are your girls coming along?

beautifully i think but what do i know lol, i’m worried they are very short but i haven’t flipped to 12/12 yet.

i think i count 16 tops at canopy level and like 6 just under trying to get up there. ill post pictures of my other girl later tonight

here she is


looking good @smok77

so Friday night/sat morning the lights normally kick on about 3:30 am but i gave them an extra 1.5 hours darkness and then started 5am-5pm this is my growth so far, i lowered the net obviously


should i wait a week before i start defoliation? or am i good to go now because im not shy about cutting handfuls of leaves off for the greater good, its worked for me so far.

what might be causeing this problem, im assuming a lock out? i know its hard to tell but i cant get it away from the purple light

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the tips of your leafs?

the leaves are a shade of green id say is suspiciously almost yellow , the second picture you can see it in alot of places

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looks like new growth to me @smok77

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Yep, new growth nearly always comes in a lighter shade of green.

You don’t get a tan until the Sun hits the skin…

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i do feel alittle stupid now but this is same plant are the dark spots anything to be worried about??

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all i see is a very light nutrient burn on the tips…
the little brown spots i’m not real sure.

maybe some help @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @Hogmaster

Looks good to me tips are a little burnt but still looks good

Awesome sauce they are looking great.
I had grown a plant that had multiple tops yrs. ago and I had nicknamed it MORTY. No idea what made it the same way your are, other than that just a normal plant as far as growing. Just a big plus for the grower…GOOD LUCK and ENJOY

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