Seeking Advice on Alternative Lighting. Currently using HPS n MH

Thanks in advance…After 2 decades of growing under 1000 watt HPS n MH lighting, I am asking those with experience…**What would be the best affordable best lighting for a 4’x4’x7’**strong text****and 4 to 6 plants?
Thinking LED maybe the best. What would Three 260XL be good?
Would new ballast be needed? Adjustable better?
Would love to hear from @dbrn32


2 of those should do it


Yep, just 2 of those kits will have you set.


2 of the 320 kits would be even better

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Two of the qb 260 xl would provide pretty good coverage and hit recommended dli. Is basically same as hlg-550 with a little more spacing on the board layout. I was just in group chat with some of the other staff members about growers choice lights too. Looks like for almost same price the roi-680 is available at $799. Specs look pretty good.

I have a 4x7x8 room with 3 260xls and a enfun qb board that supposed to be 240 w also. Aldo have 2 hlg 30 uva bars in that room totaling 1020 w in there and another room i jave 3x enfun qb boards with 2 uva bars totaling 780w. 3 should be plenty for the room but if heat is not an issue with the 3 why not try 4 and get more lighting in there lol. I room with the 4 lights and 2 uvs run at 73 to 78 usually during day no ac or anything just what the room brings. U will be happy with hlg lights for sure and id say stick with hlg or a good name brand as the lights do give a better yield for sure

Sincere thanks to all who offered advice. Esp…dbrn32. Thanks Guys.

Current information looks a decent serviceable LED light setup would start at $800. Pretty sure I will be using MH n HPS awhile longer. Or at least till I win the lottery… :wink:

That price is for lights that will actually replace what you have. Good thing you didn’t go the cheap LED route or you would have tossed them after a few weeks and went right back to your original set up.

I’ve seen plenty of message boards with mh/hps growers saying how they tried LED’s and they don’t compare to HID. Yeah, not with the Chinese blurples that they tried.

Yes, read many of the disappointing stories about chinese lights rated at outrageous output that ended up being…cheezy crap.
Is what I want to avoid. Buy right first time, only cry once.

I have some viparspectra 300’s that I veg with. They do a good job at vegging plants but that’s really where they end.

CSNJ Technologies 320W photon board is available for you if just 4 to 6 plants. 1pcs 320W photon board grow light can replace 1pcs 600W HPS lighting, it is more cost-effective, price is 165USD.

This price is so expensive, you can have better choice. :grinning: