Seeing new research about water ph?

I’ve always pH’ed my water between 6.4 and 6.5. Never under, never over. Now I’m reading more and more papers on the subject that’s stating it should be between 5.8 and 6.2. Has the recommended pH range growing organically in soil changed and I’m just now finding out? What do you all pH your water to? Thanks again!

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Soil or coco? For soil i aim for 6.5. In coco i aim for 5.9.

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I use ProMix HP M which is considered a non soil medium. I go in at 6.0.

I’m using Purple Cow Indicanja for the first time. Would this be considered soil or soilless?

If you’re growing organically then the pH of your root zone should remain fairly stable. The microbes do a pretty good job of that. You should still test it to make sure it’s not going in way off in either direction, but you can actually cause problems if you’re adjusting with stuff that harms the microbes.

This is for your soilless mediums. I don’t ph anymore when running soil. I let the ph buffers do their job. It’s definitely important if you’re running a medium without buffers (coco, promix, hydro).

you would use the soil pH of 6.5

Hydro includes soilless mediums - coco and peat.
Time to change the batteries in my Apera PH20.

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