Seeing how much time I have left

Hello have been on my s come grow for about 3 months I think that they are almost done, just wanting some feedback. Big one is a photo I believe it is runtz from bagseed and the other is braindamage from


Still lots of white pistils. these ladies want to get their groove. plump is what they want. Weeks to go.


Guessing around 6 weeks.

Should I feed nutes or let it ride out the rest

Id keep feeding for another 2-3 weeks. Remember, lower nitrogen in flower.

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Like others have said, wait until almost all white pistils have gone… then add 1 week is decent rule of thumb… but check trichomes to fine tune.

Good luck! Nice!!


Thank will do

Others are spot on, but be aware there are some strains that will keep throwing pistils past the point of being ready for harvest. The best way to make that determination is to get a loop or scope and check the triches. Mostly cloudy with whatever percentage of amber you prefer is the determining factor for harvest.

I mention this because I just finished a cheese auto that was still producing fresh pistils, though the buds were dense and triches were to my liking.

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