Seeds without pollen?

Hi guys, I had a few bud branches I pulled to test my product.
After drying I was preparing for bong hits when I ran into a seed, then on another branch, another seed
I’m with my girls daily, I’ve never seen any sacks…how did this happen

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Your neighbor let a plant hermie or missed a male would be my thought. Will seed every plant for blocks.

@Mitchy i found a singular seed on my outdoor last year and am praying since , I say, it was from a self pollinated female that I get another female from it lol. Fem seeds are from 2 females so fingers crossed lol. Always sucks putting a bunch of time and luvins into something only to cull it when it shows male…. Just saying think positive, you got a couple free seeds for your next go around. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Do you have any nanners present?