SEEDS....will pollen be a future problem?

A friend gave me seeds he grew in FL, my first REAL try growing, well, for the life of me I couldn’t sex them till I sent them into flower. 2 days into flower it became quite obvious who was who. 7 of 13 plants were male, ohh well, that’s nature right? Well I cut them down and focused on the girls. I guess I didn’t remove the males fast enough cuz now my buds are loaded w/ seeds. About 2 weeks left for harvest so I decided to finish them off, smoke should still be decent, I hope. Question is, I have 5 feminized seeds in another tent ready to move into my main then the seedy ones are done, do I need to worry about pollinating the feminized babies? So dissapointing when those seeds start to form, I don’t want to deal w/ that again. Thanks for any input.

At the very least I would wipe the tent down with some clorox wipes or something, to kill and remove any pollen that might be lingering…