Seeds Not Sprouting

I just tried sprouting Northern Lights, Amnesia Haze and Bluberry auto seeds and only got 3 out of 9 to germinate after 1 week. I tried to germinate the seeds in rockwool that was soacked in PH balanced water and put in a humidity dome on a heat mat. I’ve never had such a poor germination rate using this method with other seeds.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to salvage? Should I try to pull the seeds out of the rockwool and do the paper towel method or are the seeds that didn’t sprout ruined for some reason? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m assuming since some germinated, that it was the seeds, but I’m open to any other ideas. Pretty disappointed as these were the first seeds I’ve ever bought from ILGM before.

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Personally I soak the seeds in water between 18-24 hours. I transfer them to damp toilet paper for 36-48 hours depending on the tap root.

Then transfer straight to my grow buckets and into the grow tent. I don’t do nothing fancy like hydrogen peroxide, domes or a light not far above the seeds. I don’t transfer either. Less headaches for me. This may not work for you but I’ve dialed in my way to grow.


Thanks a lot for the reply! Do you think it is worth pulling them out of the rockwool and soaking for 24 hours and putting in a damp paper towel, or are the seeds likely dead?

I have no clue. Some seeds sometimes just don’t grow due to bad genes. You could try and see if it works. What do you have to lose?

Be careful if you do because if it has roots you don’t want to damage them at all.

First welcome to the community,As @MrPeat mentioned seeds in cup of water 24 hours then into Damp paper towel clamshell between two coffee cups saucers works very well to get nice sprouts. Just keep paper towel damp not standing in water. Happy growing

Its gonna be okay. I’m confident ilgm will stand by their seeds and you will be a happy grower in bloom just weeks before harvest before you even know it.

I’m literally having the same problem. You must have bought the auto pack mix. However, I germinated 2 of each. Both Bluberry popped and 1 Northern Lights. I soaked for 36 hours and when straight to part towel have I had a short tap root. I’m gonna give the other 2 more days. I dropped them Monday night.

Next time I’ll soak for just 24 hours so they don’t “drown.”


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@mbuhler , I followed the germination instructions ilgm set up . And when I had a problem with one of my sour diesel seeds not germinating , I made contact with them to see what could be done . They asked me a few questions and I was able to say I did this and that . They fixed me up quickly and I’m happy for it . Now that’s been said . Have you tested your heating mat , I’ve read somewhere in this forum that those things can be problematic ( cooking the seeds and other things ) .

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This is exactly what I was trying to sprout as well. I’m beginning to wonder if we got some older seeds.

I just do 24 hours in water then straight to soil 1/4inch deep , 8 for 8 so far , same mix pack. Good luck

I have the same mix pack and none of the nl germinated. ILGM is making it right I’m waiting now for the replacement

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Keep in mind seeds have a live embryo in them. If they get too hot, too cold, too old ,too wet or too dry even if they get jostled too much they can die.

do i need to let the plant go in flowing after i spray feminized spray on the branch