Seeds germinated but didn't sprout

A question of a fellow grower:
I am unsure of my order number . About 5 of my WWW seeds germinated then didn’t sprout. Same with the LSD seeds. I have managed to clone a few that look like they are taking so far, been about a week now.
Strain: White Widow, and LSD seeds. These seeds Germinated, but only one in each 20 gal size grow bag sprouted. I planted 3 in each planting bag.

Type: Fem regular

Climate: indoors

medium: soil

pH: 6.0

nutrient strength: no nutrients introduced at this stage.

Light: 600W grow led light. 18 hours light at this stage. Reading on light measuring gauge reading close to 200 mark. Light raised to this level of light, for new seedlings.

Temperatures: Indoor temp. of 70 to 72 degrees in house.

Humidity: Is indoor humidity is good.

Ventilation: Good door open ceiling fan blows leaves in closet they are in.

A/C: Yes. Cooling is on in Texas.

No humidifier or de-humidifier needed.

CO2: Is good.

For starters ph is low 6.3-6.8 in soil

You should start you plants in smaller starter cups or pot it easy to allow the soil or medium your using to dry out when using a larger pot
I keep my lights on 24-7 until the pop out as well
Also how deep did you plant the beans ?
Did they have a tap root or tail when you planted ??

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these fast growing plants suggested they don’t transplant as well so I plant them in big 20 gallon grow bags several each bag. I mist them with 6.0 pH water, with a hand, automatic pump, sprayer. The soil is potting soil with pH of around a little over 7. Have an earlier crop they are doing great in same soil etc. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.

I still start my autos in small cups @dtguy
Is it possible you over watered the beans
You didn’t mention how deep you planted them or if they had tails
You should still put 6.3 ph water into soil even to lower the soil ph

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Starting in a solo cup is the way to go. You have much more control as @Countryboyjvd1971 says and it is sure a lot easier to move them around and keep under lights!!
When a plant is put into a large container they seem to stop growing at all while they send out roots. Can actually take longer to get the same veg growth you would have gotten with smart transplants. (I don’t grow Autos, but I am told to not transplant more than once).
When the leaves extend out past the rim of the solo it is time to move them to a new home. I only do this once into a 5 gallon cloth pot. Takes about 12-15 days. You will see a good root system when you transplant.


Thank you so much!

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I plant between 1/4 to 1/2 " deep. Yes they had tails. I found one in fact laying on top of the soil, like it jumped out of the soil! Weird!


That’s strange lol
1/2 inch is good
Normally see they pop when in cups in 24 hrs
@Reticence has given good advice as well
And I think the large pots where your issue bro


I have had this happen when the soil on top is looser than the soil below. The tap root grows down, but instead of getting deeper it pushes the rest of the plant up! If you catch it quick not a big deal.
To deal with this dampen the soil first then stir it around in the solo to loosen it up just a bit.

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