Seeds from stress?

My last grow got root rot somewhere around mid cycle. Using peroxide, switching to Advanced Nutrients pH perfect from Future Harvest and adding a water chiller the plants came back as evidenced by all new growth showed any signs of root rot.
I harvested this week and to my surprise my drying racks had really nice seeds on them. I read that the stress from root rot caused this. My question is are this good viable seeds?
Also want to give credit to the genetics of your seeds! I had a bad case of root rot awhile back and those plants barely hung on much less have the energy to make seeds.
With the pH perfect nutrients, water chiller and an O2grow device I hope root rot is all in the past… and of course your seeds! Going to try some gorilla glue soon!
Thanks for your help!

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Water chiller was probably the best investment. Seeds are viable, but be aware they can also produce pollen sacs when you grow them out. (That’s how you got seeds) they’re most likely to be female.


I second the water chiller and beneficial microbes. H2O2 is your friend too.

I had an extreme heat wave 6 weeks into flower (112F for 5 days) and one of my Sour Diesel spontaneously seeded. The 4 other plants with it had no seeds. I collected them and ran 12 through germination and chose one for myself then gave away 3 more: all grew out beautifully and got high yields with potent flower. Also; every seed was female that we grew out.

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Thanks! That’s what I wanted to know. Hope this never happens again but for this time what I lost in flower is made up in seed I’ll be able to use.
I’m also using Hydroguard along with Advanced Nutrients pH perfect. It’s supposed to be a root rot preventative. Thanks again all!

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