I am new to ILG and quickly becoming a FAN. My GOLD LEAF and PURPLE HAZE have sprouted after about 14 days from delivery and I am HAPPY to say the least. A couple of photos just to show the strength of the seeds they have. They are being lighted by a Viparspectra 400w LED. Hope you all like!
The Haze just keeps getting Bigger and BIGGR! Trying to keep the same tags in place to monitor progreessssss. PEACE!
Since I last posted pics my girls have gone wild. Nearing the finish line they are doing what was promised. Here is a look at some of their growth so far :
Week 5 of 12 X 12 and they are just now starting to really flower nicely. Jack H and the Purple haze are monsters in my small tent,haha!


Good start my freind!! Happy growing

Very nice :green_heart: :seedling:

@knowledgeiskey,looking great,will be following as i looked at that light also for veg only :slight_smile:

I do Veg and Flower with this one. Recently cooked up a nice batch of Blue Dream with it. I contest its loyal(the light).