Seedlings: when switch from flourescent to MH?

I’m about 2 1/2 weeks in on white widow autoflower… plant’s only at about 3" and have been on flourescent light only 24 hrs/day. I think I read to wait until seedlings are about 4-6" before switching to HID lighting (MH). Thoughts? My new HID lighting setup arrives today… want to know if I should indeed hold off until she’s a bit bigger. Thanks!

I use led lights myself but with autos i would get them under bigger lights around week 2-3
Also 24hr light is not the best fir the plants every plant needs reat including autos
Yes you can do it under 24-7 lights and they will grow but things happen when lights are out that benefit the plants growth try a 18-6 schedule I believe youll be happier witn the results
I actually use a 16-8 schedule for veg and 12-12 for flowering
Even with autos
Hope this helps @carma223

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Thanks Countryboy… sounds good. My new lighting setup just arrive, and I’m gonna get on the MH bulb as soon as I get it rigged up.

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Sounds good post a picture and tag me when you do
Put the @ symbol in front of my user name just like i did with yors and it will notify me @carma223

Will do! Stupid newbie question please: when people say “Week 2” or “Week 3” – when are they counting from? My germination was 24 hrs. in water, then directly into 5-gallon pot of soil… sprouted in 3 days. Is “Day 1” the day it sprouts? I know it sounds silly, but when looking at comparison pictures, it helps me to know how it’s going. Thanks again!

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@carma223 Tag me in. I’ll follow along and help when I can. Most people track weeks from seed, or weeks into stage. Like from seed the 1st 2 weeks it’s a seedling, then 6-8 weeks veg, and 7+weeks flower.

For instance, my plants are 30ish days from seed and week 3 of veg now

I track it from the time they first sprout, but it’s only a couple days different so when people say, for example, they put them under their more powerful lights when it’s two and a half weeks old you can probably go by either date - germination or sprout.

That being said the best thing is just to look at the plants to decide.

Well what i do with mine @carma223 is this
I germinate when i pot the seed with tap rot ill start counting when the seed sprouts this sprout stage
After the first week or when i see second set of leaves not counting the round feeder leaves
I consider it to be a seedling
I will start cound veg weeks once i have three sets fir true leaves which is usually around end of week two from sprout
This is when I start counting veg weeks with feminized seeds i will veg any where fro 4-6 wewks depending on strain and techniques being used then i flower them
Hope this helps answer your question

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