Seedlings trouble

Do fungus gnats eat leaves I have a constant battle with them. The leaves on this seedling are frigging huge but I see spots like something is eating on it. I don’t see any bugs and have used DE to keep fungus gnats under control. Any ideas what it could be?

They don’t eat leaves, they’re just a nuisance. If you’re talking those first set of leaves curling, that’s pretty normal. Those leaves will die off soon anyhow. If you’re seeing gnats, make sure to let your soil dry out completely and that should curb the larvae in the soil

I live in Oklahoma we have all the bugs lol. Constant battle here. Those first leaves were kinda crinkled and funny looking wasn’t really worried, but after taking a picture and zoming in I see spots like maybe something was eating on them. You really can’t see the spots just looking at them.

the larvae that hatches in the soil eat the roots

I thought I was doing something wrong. Super Skunk seeds from ILGM won’t hardly grow several didn’t make it. On the ones that didn’t make it I noticed they had very little too no roots. My first round of 10 seeds I got 3 plants that survived but think one of them is an auto. But they are doing pretty good. One of them actually got top heavy and fell over I proped it back up and it finally took off. Now I decided to start one more seed from ILGM and seeds from another seed bank to see what results I get. From what I’m seeing now the seeds from ILGM are maybe low quality or weak genetics. These 3 were germinated at the same time. The ILGM took 2 days longer to germinate and took 2 days longer to sprout. The difference is amazing but I will keep nurseing the little girl like I did the others and maybe it will survive. And ILGM stands behind their guarantee and sent my 5 replacement seeds. Plus gave me a voucher code for 10 more on my next order. Just to mention I didn’t choose Super Skunk ILGM will send you replacement seeds of your choice

which I thought was awesome. Thanks ILGM.

My first run of super Skunk. #1 is the one I think is an auto. #2 is the one that fell over when it was young.#3 did just fine did a lot of lst training, and cropped a lot off the lower because it was so thick and bushy. All 3 are completely different plants.

@Mech420 any chance those drops are water spots that your lights caused to burn them a bit?

@Vance420 possible I’m running a monster of a light HLG 650R but I have it only pulling 80 watts right now.

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@Mech420 when I’ve had water spots they usually are a bit bigger but I’ve missed and got them and splashed and got them lol. But if you can’t find any evidence of bugs, I think it’s a possibility at least.

@Vance420 yeah I didn’t think about that but it’s probably the case.

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