Seedlings not looking so hot

First grow and seedlings not looking so hot. Thought I may have over watered them. Was spraying the grow medium only twice a day. Any suggestions?

1000w led about 27in distance from plants.
Humidity 55-65%
Temp 74-76
24 hour light cycle.
PH 6.05
PPM 150 (only a bit of clonex clone and seedling added)
Water is half inch above bottom of basket and grow medium (not high enough to touch rockwool), roots are not coming out of basket yet.
Exhale Co2 bag in tent.

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Your seedlings look pretty good and normal to me. I don’t do the 24hr light but either way it’s going to stall for a week or so because it will be building roots. Unless there’s something that i completely missed you look pretty good.


Ok thx, cool, they dont look as green as others I’ve seen (very slightly yellow) and the leaves curling down was a concern of mine.

No worries

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Yup, look fine to me. Just make sure the stem isn’t getting soaked constantly :v::bear:

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They are great, be surprised what they can go through.


Leaves still wanting to twist I little, but still growing strong. Not really getting as much height yet (1000w led was 28in moved it to 30in today), but they’re getting bigger. Main root is nice and white about 10in down in the water. Still no nutes, just the small amount of clonex clone and seedling.