Seedlings died soon after sprouting. Help please

I’m a very new grower, this is my first attempt at growing. I found some seeds in a pound of trainwreck and it sparked an interest. I really want to learn how to better myself and the quality of life for my plants to come as well. The sprouts quit growing and became tapered towards the base. Research has led me to believe that I am experiencing damp off. Am I over-watering? Wrong medium? Light setup problems?

If you could take a look at some photos I’ll provide and let’s get the chat going :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

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Miracle Gro is probably your culprit. It is a time released medium and isn’t very cannabis friendly. Save what seeds you have, get some Fox Farms Happy Frog, or Fox Farms Ocean Floor. Neither need to have nutrients added for weeks, so it’s an easy start. Some make Miracle Gro work, but probably not good for first timers.


You can also mix the Happy Frog and Ocean Floor


I agree with @Borderryan22 regarding Miracle Grow.

Here is post that may help as well:


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Thanks @Borderryan22 , I used a pair of images and put them together. Just had to put a .44 in there.


There is also coco loco bush doctor by Fox farms i personally run coco and favor it over soil but to each is own


Okay, so I’m definitely going to need to change out the soil. I think I’m gonna use your starting process @merlin44. I have Bruce Banner autoflowers on the way and I want to get this figured out before I start those seeds.


I didnt realize that Miracle Grove was actually as bad as people say it is for Canna purposes.

That would be correct.

Most likely as that is the number 1 problem of most new growers.

See my grow tutorial for proper watering habits for seedlings and lots of other info for new growers.

The MG soil is not helping.

Your temps should be higher while they are so young. I run my light 24/0 and keep temps around 78-80F for germinating and the first couple weeks of life.


So I have some Mother Earth soil I planned on transplanting the seedlings into. Its high in N. Would that be a better soil to start in than the MG?

I agree with @Borderryan22 the miracle gro soil is not that good get ur self some promix hp or if u are a bit short on funds rich grow soil it called Marvel Black its great for tomatoes so it will be great for weed plants but u can mix in some worm castings and fish bone meal