Seedlings and light

I’m not a noob and I’m not a master. I love growing and I love learning about growing. I have just started 10 super skunks . I’ve got them in starter cubes,in solo cups, in coco and perlite. They are just breaking the surface now and I need to know from everyone’s experiences, CFLs ? Or LEDs ? I have 4 - 42 watt CFLs and a 150 watt hydro galaxy LED. I’ve read new seedlings don’t need allot of light , or do they ??

Seedlings do very well under CFLs, you can bring most of them in a little closer to the plant but they still produce some heat, sometimes seedlings like this if all other factors are stable, but keep a watchful eye. :eyes:

LEDs are intense but can be used to grow seedlings also, you just don’t wanna put them to close because they can cause light burn.


Here’s a little guide to help in case you go this route

Hope this helps :muscle: