Seedling watering

Hey guys I just germinated 4 seed and put them in some ff ocean forest,how much should I be watering them,and I’m having a problem in my tent with high humidity cause of the rain,is there any way of getting it down without a dehumidifier

Try using a fan keep that air moving and just keep the soil moist not wet. and no nutrients.


Ive always had problems with the seedling stage,I can always do half way decent when I get passed the seedling stage!so I don’t need to necessarily water it every day at this point I just need to keep the soil moist.if the surface of the soil looks dry do I need to feel down into the soil a little to see how moist it is below the surface.also I didn’t have any dough to buy small pots or cups so I just started them in tp rolls,you think that’s ok for a week or two

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ya…if you just keep it moist say every other day you should be ok
I to had a lot problems getting started I was just simply over watering.


Sweet I appreciate it,I may need to pick your brain again in the future

No problem cash…lol

Im gonna be using a 11 band 300 watt led light,when is it gonna be ok to turn that on?I was gonna use a 40 watt CFL as soon as they pop up.

I would think either one would be ok…


Hey garrigan62 how do you post pics,I’m having problens trying to do it from my phone,is using a computer best for pics?

Yes upload your pic’s to your computer and use that icon with the arrow

Much easer to upload. Hope this helps


I forgot…you can drag and drop your photo’s into your message all so


Thanks for that Will; I did not realize you could drag and drop photos…How Cool :sunglasses:

Your very welcome there Mr. Latewood
Ya you sure can and it’s very easy and quick…Way Cool!