Seedling stuck in time?

I’ve had great success with germination in the past. Out of 12 seeds two gave me grief. One just refused to crack open and the other got the first two real leaves and then stopped. On its third try the uncracked seed looks waterlogged. I transplanted the stalled one into its seven-gallon pot sooner than I normally would. If it’s got wet feet, I figured it would help. after a week the true leaves got a little bigger but I can hardly see the next set developing. Is this Dampening Off? From what I’ve read in other comments and the grow guide it looks like it might be.

And the waterlogged seed?

If you can zoom in you can see its starting to turn black. Dead?


@Gooch99 I would water little closer to the small plant your doing it right just get little closer it try to develop roots about shot glass a day

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Dome and mist the smaller plant to help with root growth and agree with @Reed71 on watering a little closer. I water around the outside of the dome/solo cup for seedlings :love_you_gesture:

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This is the second try. It should look like the Blue Cheese plant in the foreground.
2 seeds didn’t crack then I tried again and after a week only the one emerged. I’m afraid that it’s suffering from too much water. I call it “wet feet” That is why I transplanted it sooner than I would have. I want to let the moisture to wick away a little bit. The solo cup it was in was a little heavier than it should have been at that point. That little bit of water you see in a circle was just the bit that was in the catch cup that I got rid of. 1 oz or 2. That is how I water them in the beginning though. I water in a circle around the edges of the pot to make the roots find the water. I they look like they need it I’ll water them a little closer to the stem. Never on the stem if I can help it.
I reached out to support, and they got back to me right away. We are working on a solution as I’m writing this. I was just now trying to get a better close-up picture for them, and I noticed that the cotyledon edges were browning. I’m starting to think that it’s my fault. Mabey the holes in that cup got clogged somehow. I didn’t use the same cups as the first try so I just don’t know.

It’s hard to tell from my picture if it’s over or under watered. The symptoms look pretty much the same. Unless the plant is much bigger. From what I’ve read on this forum and grow guides I’m pretty sure I over watered.

Hey @Gooch99 before you toss the unopened seedling there are 2 tips I was offered previously that worked great. A few drops of hydrogen peroxide into a small shot glass of water will help soften her shell abut and assist her in popping if she’s alive in there and you can scrape her surface a teeny bit as well. Good luck!!

I’ll never give up on her. I germinated 4 more Blue cheese to take their place plus I have room for 2 more if they all work out. This time I put them in a cup with a few drops of a rooting hormone (used successfully to root hibiscus), then added some water and a few drops of peroxide. 36 hrs later I put them in a moist paper towel and put that towel in a large zip loc freezer bag. I blew a few moist Co2 breaths into the bag and set it on top of the 5x5 tent. Today I planted them tap root down into some slightly moist but loose pro-mix with nothing else. I squeezed the paper towel over them to slightly water them. They will be 17 days behind the rest of them so I’ll have to change my layout. How does the good one look for 17 days?
Here’s why I never give up. This was a dead seedling that I missed watering. Its stem was brown and thin and it fell over. I propped her up with two toothpicks and kept her on life support. When my tent got too crowded (rookie mistake) I moved her outside.

Now why would you throw that away?