Seedling seems small

I am just under two weeks since the sprout came through the soil. Does this seem to be on track? It seems to have stopped growing. I have it on full spectrum. Should I change the light to blue? It’s an auto flower.


It does seem small but looks healthy. My bet is that she’s just laying down roots and hopefully takes off soon. I don’t think I would change much, just keep your humidity and temps up

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You want as much blue light as you can give it.

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Roger that. I just switched to blue.

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Soil looks wet and water spots on the leaves. What are your watering practices?

yep, all that.

My advice is always full spectrum and full power. Just adjust the height according to how the plant reacts (ie: stretching).

I water every other day if needed.

A plant that small only needs a shotglass or 2 in a circle about 2 inches away from the stalk. Make her roots search for water to get her footing.

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Good catch @GreggT . Sprouts need very little water as long as they have their cotydelons (the little round “leaves”). Best environment for them is under a clear dome for the first couple of weeks anyway. This is a fishbowl. LOL