Seedling not growing - K deficiency?

This is my first grow and I definitely did not plan enough. These are blue dream photos. I bought the seeds before I realized growing outdoors is likely not possible for a number of reasons, but I thought I’d at least try my hand at getting them through the seedling stage before I gift them to someone (if they live).

Day 17 for the bigger plants and day 12 for the little one. The LED lights I started them on were not strong enough so the first two stretched like crazy. Bought HID but had issues with the equipment. Switched to 1500W LED a few days ago. Started Adv Nutrients a few days ago. I did NOT PH the water before I started feeding. From what I read it wasn’t necessary but that may be the problem. Temp is a steady 75, humidity 45-50% and been spraying with a little water. They’re in Jiffy seed starter.

The bigger ones only recently started getting their second set of leaves but are now growing well. Stems went from white to purple. the little one is already started it’s second set.but it’s so tiny. the leaves are a little darker green- hard to color correct with these LED lights.

There is a TINY bit of browning on the tips of one of the larger plants - the far tip of the leaf pointing south.



Hi - managing pH and ppm of the water/nutrient solution and measuring and adjusting based on the runoff is key to a successful grow. Your plants look ok, but pH needs to be on point.

I have one of those 1500w blurples. It’s ok but it can only flower about one plant in a 2x2 footprint.

Good luck!


Over watering is the main problem I see. Those plants need like 1/4 cup every 3 or 4 days. They are damping off and taken too long you will get root rot. Best to take them almost completely dry. Cannabis likes loose, airy, dry soil.


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