Seedling Issues (light, ph, soil)

Not sure if it’s from my light being too strong or what the issue is, but the light is a 300w LED. Actual power is 130w±3%. It is 24’ above the pot. I have 2 6’ fans running. temp is controlled. PH is 6.

From observing 1/2 leaves that have started growing it looks like one is white at the tip. Not sure if it’s a deficiency, lighting issue, or soil.

Thats a classic case of damping off.
The seedling has died from overwatering


Next time plant the seed in soil that is only slightly wet.
Cover the new seedling with a clear dome and spray the dome, not the seedling or soil with water and keep covered for a few days. Don’t water it until the soil really gets dry.
So fill your container with new soil and hold it and feel how light it feels. That’s what you are looking for before you water again. When you do water just add the water in a ring a few inches away from the plant. Just a couple ounces at first when the soil is dry will keep it alive.
At first we all fear they will die from lack of water. But the truth is overwatering can kill them in a matter of hours from damping off. But it takes days for a seedling to die from underwatering.


I take a different approach to seedlings that works well for me. I water the soil in the pot thoroughly before placing the seed, I plant the seed so that there is only 1/4 inch soil on top, then I leave it alone for 5-7 days until the soil dries out. No humidity domes, no wondering if there is enough water, no hovering several times a day spraying or sprinkling or screwing around with your plants. I know it’s fun to play with babies, but it’s not good for your seedlings.

By having moisture in the bottom of the pot the roots will search it out as the pot dries out from the top down. Not having moisture in the bottom of the pot and only watering a little, or spraying inside a humidity dome does not encourage vigorous root growth.


Mine is pretty close…I only dome the first day above ground.
I moisten the soil before i put it in the grow bag. Then same as you. After soaking the seed for 24hrs I plant it in the grow bag. Cover the seed with a dome until its up for a day. It takes at least a week before I water the first time.
They key is not to overwater the little ones. They are quite resilient, We tend to kill em with love.

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I should have added that I place a germinated seed in the soil. Germinate it any way you want, just don’t plant it too deep.

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