Seedling is showing weird clear spots on the leaves

Does anyone know what this is on my seedling leaves and how to get rid of it? As you can see there are some kind of dots or spots in clear color. Can someone please help me figure out what this is and tell me what to do to help them get rid of this crap?

Id inspect that for bugs. Under leaves and all. With a magnifying glass atleast. They will b tiny asf


@Mark0427 Thanks Mark! Gonna try with a magnifying glass and wants a figure out what those little fuckers are, I will then Google it and see what’s the best way to get rid of them.


Captain jacks dead bug. Concentrate if u can order it not the ready to use stuff. Concentrate is alot cheaper and u can double down of needed. If caterpillars. Safer caterpillar killer. Best out spoke of on the forum that i know of. Captain jacks can be use seed to harvest also so u know. Can be used during flower. Good lick

I just read the reviews on Amazon and people who use it on marijuana plants had all of their leaves burned after using this Captain Jack’s deadbug. I’m definitely not going to take that chance. I need something that will definitely work and not damage my plant. I appreciate the effort to though!

The best time to spray them is just before the lights turn off to prevent burning them.

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@Mark0427 @Deepsix
I just found out about Neem Oil that works really well for might and stink bugs and few other things. Here’s the link:

I just bought this bottle and we’ll use it right at sundown not to burn the plants from heat when using this stuff.

Thanks for your help but I wouldn’t recommend using Captain Jack’s stuff on my plants :slightly_smiling_face:

This is much better than neem oil look it up on Amazon …
I’m not a salesman believe me

This is made for cannabis …sold to large commercial grows

This won’t burn your plants …however any time you use a leaf spray …you should always do it very early before direct sunlight and the product dries or early evening
Jacks or anything …

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@Lacewing Thanks man! Gonna look for it now… You’re the man! I just bought one and will try to see how it works and if I like the outcome I’m going to buy the bigger bottle the 34 oz one :+1:t3::ok_hand:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3:

Please do this ….

Before you use it call the number on the bottle …
A real person will answer …
Ask him any thing you want …trust me !!!
Best customer service experience I have ever had …

He still texts me personally to ask for updates on my grow

And the sick part is …the plants I’m growing aren’t even the ones I sprayed

Those were determined males unfortunately

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Also get yourself a continuous mist pump sprayer …
Using water first (not the product)Test how it sprays on a window or side of your house …you want to get the coverage just right
The sprayer I’m talking about is a hand pump and has a brass adjustable nozzle …

If you play your cards right you won’t need to buy more unless you have some serious infestations …they recommend preventative treatment after they are gone also …but that’s up to you

Let me know how it goes !!!

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Yeah, I got one of those but not brass. Thanks for the tip! I’ll keep you posted.

:+1: if I can help anyone around here that would be great …gotta pay it forward somehow …

If I didn’t discover this forum I would have had no reason to buy 2 cases of mason jars and a dozen hydrometers Lolol

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I agree… This forum is a lifesaver!

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I just noticed this message. I somehow missed it the first time I read your message. That’s a really nice advice and that’s really nice of him to go out of his way to help you like this… That’s unheard of in today’s business, corporate world. I’m definitely call them tomorrow :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3:

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I just sprayed them yesterday here’s a pic

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I noticed they looked really happy after I sprayed mine …yours look pretty happy

And they go out of their way for anyone !! They really believe in their product as far as cannabis goes.They’ve done a lot of testing and improving too!!

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Yeah I sprayed the shit out of them :sweat_drops: :shower: to make sure I don’t miss any spots. I used the continues sprayer that sprays very fine depletes :point_down:t3: works very well!

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