Seed won't pop off veg.. And Hi!

Hello all. Newbie here. Just been reading threads and journals for lots of information and tips. Thanks!!!
We are new to growing too. A great friend got us started and now I’m saying, “grow faster!!” on a daily basis! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Issue is we have a Big Bud that is having trouble coming out of seeds shell. It was put in it’s cube the same day as all others on 4/20!.. see pics… It took forever to germinate, and first veg day was 4/30. All other plants took 5 or 6 days.
Husband and I went for the gusto. Purchased seeds w/friend from ILGM and on our own. I’ve always been a trial and error learning kind person. So we have ourselves six strains growing all at once. A couple or more will go outside when the time comes.

Please, is the Big Bud a goner? Pic above, in center… can you see? Don’t dare pull the shell off, but surely stuck on there good. What do I do? Can see a third leave attempting to pop up. And is it ok if these cubes turn green?? Not all have.

Our 4/20 crew

white widow, chocolope, amnesia, big bud, and gold leaf. All fem, amnesia auto
Amnesia veg day was on day 4!

Sharing the others, veg day 1 was 4/5/2018

white widow, blueberry, and white widow. The one on the left was the runt :slightly_smiling_face:
I topped the one on the left and the blueberry this past Sunday evening and wow, they took off it seemed. Was torn on doing it, but trial and error! Will compare to the ones we didn’t top. I have a little bit of a green thumb and I’m watching them like a hawk!

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thought I put the right photo with the correct text… oops

Just carefully take the shell off with a tweezer. It should come right off.


Sometimes we have to help the birthing process along. :grinning:

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I attempted to, but pulled it right out of the cube. Afraid the leaves will come off if I pull too hard.

going to give it a shot again

Better photo. It’s as if the seed melted and became part of the leaves…

I did wet the leaves a little in hopes to loosen up the shell. I was able to put the tweezers through the leaves and lift up, separating the two leaves. Before when I did that it just lifted it up out of the block.
Thanks!! Appreciate the encouragement :smiley:


There you go! She’ll be fine now.

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Well, it didn’t make it. It just didn’t want to grow! Started a new Big Bud seed.
All the rest are doing great!!

It didn’t make it? Oh, I’m sorry. Well, good luck on the new seeds.

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No :confused: in two weeks it had very little growth, like none. No idea why, as the others are doing so well. Was told to start another. Thanks! Hope the new seed is a happy lil bugger :wink:

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just curious here…I’m trying to get some big bud seeds to germinate… its day 4 and no sign of the seed cracking…i had 5 and soaked them 18 hours then transplanted to a paper towl thats in a saucer over a bowl of water on a heating pad…this has always shown results previously in this amount of time… just wondered if you had any trouble germinating big bud seeds?

We’re on #3 right now. Seed one and two a no go. But other strains are doing great.
Sorry for slow response!

Big bud seems to b having an issue with germination for lots of people at the moment. That’s an interesting observation we all seem to b having problems with big bud seeds. Hmmm

Good to know. Thanks. We’re probably going to try the last two real soon.

I have germinated 16 of them in the last month 10 of them were sprouted with no cots 2 dampened off and 4 cracked but never popped the soil. It’s been frustrating to say the least

Frustrating for sure. This is our first grow. Four others we started, diff strains are gorgeous! :slight_smile:

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Same here. I never have an issue germinating. I have started 8 other plants while fighting with these and all 8 no problem. I’ve seen a few others lately having big bud issues as well.

Have you contacted them about it yet?