Seed Type, help selecting a lighting options and growing environment suggestions

Do you have a dedicated space you are growing in, or a particularly sized plant you’re hoping to get? Sizing a light properly is based on size of area it needs to cover, not plant count.

Here is the dimensions of the plant It’s a small plant let me know what you think thanks again brother. :point_down: I have no tent I’m going to hang it from a clothes rack and I can get good 8 hours of sun on my porch Very sunny very warm. I plan to turn the light on for an additional 12 hours according to the research I’ve read What I’ve been told by the a pot company

Northern Lights prefers a sunny Mediterranean climate. The plant itself is somewhat a small weed plant and compact (like many autoflowering strains), measuring in at between 24 and 32 inches tall. The flowering period is around 56 days on average, and the yield is fairly high – you can expect somewhere around 4 ounces of marijuana per 3 square feet of plant.

I would do something like a qb 135 or maybe 250 watt hps. You could also do fluorescent, maybe a 24" 6-8 bulb t5 fixture.

Each will have upside and downside that may make one better than other.

Meant to say told by “A Pot for Pot”… I using their 5 gallon system.

Ok thanks. :+1: