Seed question... and a neat pic

Ok, feminized seeds, will the offspring of these seeds create only feminized seeds as well?
Picture is of one of my little ladies, she’s had a rough start compared to the others.

I am not an expert by any means but if you pollinated that plant to make seeds those seeds could be male or female.
If you were to take a clone from that plant it would be a female plant just as its mother is.
Again I am no expert so I would wait for others to comment.


I’m with @Jmesser80, newbie as well here but I agree. If you cross her with a male there’s a chance of the seeds being either. You would need the knowledge like Robert and his folks have. With cloning you will get the exact replica of the parent, size ect.


What they said, lol. Also, something I have learned here is that a female plant if stressed can morph into a hermaphrodite plant. I just thought I would throw that in because I find it interesting.


There’s a specific way you can stress your plant into producing only female seeds- but I’m not 100% sure on the process.

That’s what I was thinking. It would be nice though. Never have to buy seeds again! Thanks for the input guys, big help as always