Seed options to increase customer sales

Is there a reason that ILGM doesn’t offer 1 and 3 seeds options? It feels forced that you spend 50+ dollars which I believe could drive away some customers being forced to buy 5 or 10 seeds of the same strain.(I know about the mixed packs) If those options were offered I think you’d have more sales. Lots of little sales are still sales and they add up quick. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not opposed to spending 50 dollars either on seeds but i’d like to be able to buy 3 or less also because cloning exists. If I had the option of buying 1 seed for 10 dollars i’d probably add another 5-10 seeds of different strains to my order for an order over 100 dollars. I just hate buying 5 seeds of 1 strain at a time is all. Not trying to complain, i’m trying to suggest a more options is all. Cheers!


@ILGM.Roy or @ILGM.Stacy can you address OP’s question?

I wish i could buy a 10 pack mixed “STRAINS OF MY CHOICE” (3/3/4) I would expect a reasonable Premium price for this, but as a small grower that’s what I need! Sure get tired of grow after grow same weed.


Are you on GN?