Seed life expectancy

When purchasing seeds what is their effective life span, in other words once I receive them how long will they be viable?


They can be viable for years, if stored properly, cool, dark, and dry most importantly.


I store mine in the frigerator an have used seeds 3 years old no problem.


I had mexican bag seed in a film canister sprout after 20 years! Dark, dry and cool. Older seeds can be stubborn and the germ rate drops a fair bit year after year.


The seeds I bought from ILGM have dates stamped into their codes.
Blue Dream seeds are from 2017
Gorilla Glue seeds are from 2013
MK ultra seeds are from 2015

I’ve yet to have an issue with germinating seeds from ILGM.
On the other hand, I’ve screwed up plenty and I’m current year. (Or I’d like to think so).

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Like the others said; cool, dark and dry

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