Seed Codes, how do I know which is which

I ordered & received 3 different types of seeds, 5 of each.
They came with codes, how do I know which is which.


Please help, thanks.

What ones did you order?

To be honest I can’t remember, I ordered them just after I started my Blueberry Autos. I decided I wanted feminised as that’s what I’m used to. I thought one was a Jack Herra but it’s been about 8 weeks.

The codes must relate directly to each strain, is there a catalogue with the codes ?

That’s the dreamy mix pack. Blue dream, California dream and skywalker og


If you created an account on the seed side of ILGM, log in and check your past orders.

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Hi thanks so much to both of you. I surf & grow, not to good on computers.
Really appreciate the help. I’ve labeled them now. Love this group

Early flower on Blueberry Auto. I’m definitely going back to Fem. I love the growing part more than the smoking part

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I take it you have ordered that mix pack. I just ordered two mix packs and they were put loose into the mailer. ILGM used to tape them together by pack. It is a little confusing but at least I figured out the codes based on my order.

I’ve haven’t ordered any mix packs as of yet. So far the only ILGM seeds I have are blueberry auto, blackberry kush, GDP and gold leaf.

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Thanks for the reply. Yep I didn’t pay attention to the codes when I ordered them, and as it’s been 8 weeks I didn’t remember exactly which ones I ordered. Thanks to this group I now know.


I’ve been pretty happy with the Blueberry Auto. This is 6 weeks from seedlings. The flowers are forming up nicely. But I haven’t been able to tuck them into the net as well as the Fems.
To be honest I chose these for 2 reasons, they said 8 week harvest, might be 10. But also I’m addicted to Blueberries.
But from my experience the Fems give you more certainty. I’ve just started my next crop and will put it into this room I’ve made in my shed where I’ll be able to thread it through the first layer or net. Then as it flowers there’ll be s second net about 6 inch above to support the flowers.
Before I used nets I had many flowers snap due to their weight. Using nets also let’s the plants put the energy into flowering rather than stem thickening. Who needs stems hey ?

Thanks for your reply, answers my questions.
But what does the,
Mean ?
Ps, love your service.

I believe that’s just inventory coding to help them find them faster in the warehouse.

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Cool :sunglasses: thanks :+1:t3: