Help with seed bank codes

Hi all,
I received ILGM seed multi packs and i’m not sure which strains these codes represents.
Any help identifying these would be greatly appreciated


Which mixpack was it?

i bought a bunch of mix packs and some of them i dont remember

i would suggest that ilgm include the strain name on the individual seed bag stickers to help people out as some of the codes are not self explanatory.
I get that HDK= hindu kush
GDP= granddy purple
etc pretty easy to figure out but some of the codes are so self explanatory.
Has anyone else dealt with this problem or am i the only idiot?
I guess its easier when you only order a couple of seed packs but i ordered a bunch

Might be easier to email the seed shop and ask.
Just use the address that was attached to your order confirmation.
They usually answer within 24hrs

Could CRT be Crystal?

i sent an email to support@ilgm like a week ago and havent heard back but now i have these girls all dried and ready to jar up

Maybe someone else could answer…
Lets tag @ILGM.Stacy

What are these strain codes…?

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I believe they changed up their coding. I know skywalker og was a strange code and so were some others.


I have the same issue I got chc and BGB one is northen lights and one is blueberry so not sure which is which