Second try at drying, help

Hi, growing:
Autoflower: Gold Leaf AUTO (ILGM)
Age: 12/13 weeks from sprout.
Light: 3-1000W spider farmer LED
Medium: cocoa quoir perlite mix, dry amended with 2-8-4 4-4-4 worm castings and bone meal… top dressing and using cal-mag, sillica, terpenator, tiger bloom and momouth6 in the waterings… I alternate by gut some of the amendments here and there and also use straight water every couple waterings.

This is our second auto grow. The first grow we did not to dry correctly it was winter in Montana and our furnace went out… So the proper environmentals were not on my list of priorities trying to heat a two story house with a fireplace insert… so dried way to fast as humidity is quite low that time of year…
Second harvest (only one plant of the batch so far) and I’ve built a dry room… this room butts up against my cement foundation in the basement (which keeps the RH and Temp pretty consistent being buried in earth) I’ve used double heavy screen as the bottom and fabric weed block as the backing spaced 6” from the wall by 2x6 frame and a bamboo roof all to allow for good airflow. Which are complimented by two fans at the open base (on the sides) and more ricocheting the air upwards.
The RH is pretty consistently between 46 and 48%
The Temp is pretty tight at 70…
From what I’ve read (and I’m self educating) the ideal would be RH should be 50 and Temp 72???
Then my next ? Would be (if these are indeed ideal drying conditions) should I try to adjust my Temp and RH these minimal amounts (or so I think) as I believe with the volume of the dry room might be a pain in da …???
Interested and appreciate any and all of your experiences and comments…


I question this 50 number, I think RH at 60 +/- 3 might be better.


I’ve read where the perfect drying environment is 60/60, but good luck with that. Just dry as slow as your environment allows is my only suggestion.


Thread available from this forum
started the thread


Good morning / evening everyone. I’m trying to make the preparations for my drying tent. I keep getting mixed #s when it comes to temp and RH% ( used to be 60/60 but now a lot of podcast I listen to seem to have changed that ) so what do you guys use?

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Agreed, smoothe smoke available with longer slower dry.

They were hung and then trimmed and jared.
Burp as needed. Goal 60% RH and 60-70 degrees, before frreezer.

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Appreciate it… so much reading out there sometimes you just go crosseyed with the contradictions… that’s why I love this site… real growers, real opinions, real experience…
Right On!

Youtube videos (pictures easier than reading).
Amazing the support available.
So amazing, this has been a learning priority.

Mr. Canuks grow…
Lots of good stuff…
Revisited an old video and he too dries at higher humidity than article (sited 420 fastbuds)

I think my Bruce Banner auto was dried around 80F and 75RH…that’s all I could get my dry box to. Nowhere near ideal, but as long as they are spaced apart with good airflow, you shouldn’t get any mold or rot.

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