Second time grower, white spot showing up on my young plant

Hi all! This is my second time growing, first time growing from seeds. I noticed that two of my three plants started developing little white spots. My first plant last year was attaced by spider mites, so I have an idea how they look and what they do. Is it possible they are still around?! I have other inside plants and none show signs. I dont see any bugs or webbing. I checked under the leaves for signs of thrip infestation-dont see any. Im worried, as the plants are very young and were growing so well! They get an average of 10 hours of light- sun and artificial mixed, and are watered once or twice per day- depending on soil dryness. I appreciate any advice on what this could be!
Thank you!


That seems like a lot. You want wet and dry cycles in soil. The spots on the leaves could very well be spider mites. I’ve been lucky enough to not have to deal with them, but that looks like the pictures I see online. If the growing conditions are the same and it’s about the same time of year you dealt with them last year then it’s even more likely you’re dealing with them again.

Edit: forgot to suggest that you get some Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. It’s the best for dealing with pests and spider mites are on it’s kill list. They say you can spray them off with water for five days or so, but I’d go for a more direct approach with pesticide if I were dealing with mites.


Great suggestions from @Outlaw. Do a thorough pest inspection and especially under the leaves. Are you running a humidifier, could be some hard water mineral deposits?? :love_you_gesture:


Thank you! Captain Jack is on his way!


Im not and really hope that is the issue… I’ll get one and cross all my fingers to not have to use anything else :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: Thank you!


What @Outlaw said

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