Second grow, walk with me!

Hello all! This is my second grow, attempt, and I decided to create a new thread! Feel free to provide input, or just tag along for the ride!

Happy growing :v:t5:

  • Chocolope & Super Lemon Haze / ILGM
  • RDWC
  • TWO 8 gallon totes
  • 5.8
  • No nutrients added yet
  • Indoor 3x3 x 5
  • HLG 300L LED
  • Stays 75 24 hours (for now)
  • Humidity; around 20-30%
  • Ventilation system; Yes / intake & exhaust
  • AC, clip on fan
  • Co2; No

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Gone ahead and tagged some people who were nice enough to guide me along the first one. Will be updating this one now that I’m onto a separate grow! :+1:t4:

Ironically, already goofing up! I’ve germed two seed (paper towel method) waited until a nice tail was one both, dropped into rock wool (pre soaked), closed and under the lights two days… I got nothing. Spraying only 2 times a day ( cause water bottles for beginners = a bad time) just thought I’d see something poking up by now. But I’m probably being impatient again! Any recommendations on what I did or could do again differently?


I never planted in rock wool so not sure if it’s possible but could it have been planted too deep? I did that for one of my plants, I am in soil however

If not possible or clearly not too deep please disregard


Rockwool is a weird one. The pre-set holes are always way too deep. Also it’s frequently way too wet after a soak to bring the PH to acceptable levels.

Here’s what I do - it frequently works, but I won’t say it’s 100% because sometimes seeds just don’t wanna germ.

  1. Soak the rockwool in ph 5.8 water for 1 hour
  2. Set the rockwool on a dish drying rack for 15 minutes. This usually removes enough excess water to be comfortable.
  3. Poke a small hole (1/4” deep max) with a chopstick for your seed.
  4. Dip the tail of the seed into a little CloneX gel (this is optional)
  5. Drop the seed, tail side down, into the small hole.
  6. Set a small piece of rockwool over the top of the Hole to protect it from direct light
  7. Place in a propagation tray with a dome, no vents.
  8. Set the prop tray on top of a seedling heat mat.
  9. Leave for 24-72 hours. Check once a day to make sure the rockwool remains damp but not wet. You can spray the inside of the dome but I don’t ever directly spray my medium.
  10. If Nothing has poked up past the rockwool “topper”, move the topper out of the way after 72 hrs.

That’s likely. Patience is key. :v:


I don’t have a heat mat, but I’m gonna follow this if these ones die off, but I won’t give on them yet! @Graysin

After I placed in the rockwool , I placed directly in the pots they’ll eventually live in. Turned the lights on and let them be. Should I throw a dome over them? To try an get the humidity up around them? And if I done them, when do I pull them out the dome?


Yes to a dome. They need to be able to retain their moisture without getting unnecessarily wet. I highly recommend putting a dome on and leaving it on until you see the first set of leaves after the cotyledons.

As far as the lights, are they turned as low as they can possibly go? I often will leave my seedling in a solo cup on top of my light fixtures to keep them happy and warm after they’ve graduated out of the heat mat situation.

For you, not having a heat mat, when you go to germ seeds, the heat sink on top of your lights often is nice and toasty without being hot hot.


Will get a dome on right now! And I have my lights up about 50% but high enough so the DLI on them is about 20. And noted on the light for seed germ, will definitely try that next time!


Good luck and happy germinating!

I have a seed that cracked but seems to refuse to take any action myself right now. :grimacing: it’s hard being patient. If it doesn’t do anything by this evening I may try and help it’s shell off with some tweezers. It’s the only one I had of this strain so it’ll be a minor bummer but no big deal.


Good luck to you as well, hopefully we’ll both check back with a good update ! :+1:t4:


not sure about your fridge but the top of mine stays pretty warm so i just toss my prop dome on top of there

…and thanks for the tag! :slight_smile:

haha right …time to hurry up and wait


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yo graysin check this out…

dude used a $2,000 20x lens on his DSLR to take the photo its so legit though!


Looks like 2-3 weeks left.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :face_vomiting: :skull: :ghost:


How’d it go? Do we have life?


I’m hoping @Trvff has better news than I do. My peach purée was DOA. Left her in the rockwool to see if a miracle will work itself but not optimistic.

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Unfortunately no, I uncovered them from their little rock wool hat a day and a half ago to try and force some light and life into them but to no avail! Waited a day and a half again fro them to take and nothing.
So I just started two more.

I made a mistake of not doming them to start and I think that definitely didn’t help at all, and the first ones I ran before that, I forgot to PH the rock wool, so it just killed them as soon as they sprouted.

This late winter swing is killing my humidity in my house and making it a little difficult….and admittedly this is my second try on getting some seeds to sprout. So third is a charm!

still making rookie mistakes, and still loving the process. Sorry to hear about your seeds as well!

I do have two more currently in towels, waiting for the sprout, and they’ll go right into rock wool and into a warm , makeshift dome to sprout!



How did you do it the first time?

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