Second grow Runtz auto

I need input please. Will send some pics, first grow with Girl Scout Cookies cut early I believe still had good results. This batch is Runtz strain auto. I’m getting lots TRICHROMES but believe I need to fatten these up. I’m not sure how much longer to go before harvest, playing it by ear. Trying to look and see condition with jewelers loop, not that easy. Question, how fast do they get bulk on flowers? PH = 6.4, ppm = 1100. Using Terpenator, sweet and sticky, cal mag, nutrient 0-33-32, cut humidity to low 40’s, temp= 78-79. 69 at night. Thinking about 2 more weeks possibly using ice water on 3rd week to increase TRICHROMES. These buds are probably 9 weeks. If look at pics have done lot LST in this plant. If folks could expand pics sending can see magnitude of Trichomes. Thanks everybody😎👍![image|375x500](upload://7JFhJg7ayeBzH6OGqyYbppiudfS.jpeg)

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Dude those things don’t even look remotely close to harvest. You probably have a month to go before they are ready. The buds will fatten up you just have to give them time.

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Like @Indicanna_Jones said a few more weeks.

   Estimated time to harvest? 9 weeks already does autos go 12-13 weeks sometimes?![image|375x500](upload://krkI2jSu4OKiwL64KquttJQsw7B.jpeg)

Thanks everybody

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It’s looking great!! I’m guessing 5 more weeks.

Just have to ask… what’s up with the scrolling text?? Makes it harder to read.


I didn’t even realize there was more.

I’d call that 4-6 weeks

@Richardbennett85 the flower time they give you means jack shit. Maybe their master growers that have everything absolutely perfect with zero issues whatsoever can get them to finish in 9 weeks but you sure didn’t. Every little hiccup and stress can add to that time.
Its your plant so in the end its your decision but would be such a waste to harvest it this point. Don’t even bother with growing if you quit half way though flower. It way to much work and risk.

Edit…also those breeders all give short flower time estimates because let’s face it time is money in this game.

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I agree with @Indicanna_Jones . If you harvest in the next 3 weeks even, you’ll most likely be super disappointed in your results even though you’re on the right path to great buds. Don’t rush

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Definitely, your plant looks really good. Alot better than what I was doing on my first few grows. Of course back in the day it was much more difficult to get info and equipment. Hell my 1st light was a stolen 600w hps street light lol.
Just keep checking back and updated pics every week. We won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

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Thanks everybody great info, I’ll let trichomes tell me when harvest. I’m loving this Virginia has legalized up to 4 plants inside. That’s what I assumed too early even with great trichome Development. Have lot of top shelf genetic seeds in que ready germinate. Again appreciate input helps a lot.:sunglasses::+1:

Thanks my friend getting hang this thing, not sure why my text is scrolling across, making tough for people to read. I will be patient on this grow, those are fast buds Forbidden Runtz. Have concept of LST as I used to train bonsai long time ago. Again thanks for info. Once I get down harvesting time it’ll be downhill….

Darn I need to get text not scrolling, any hints? Couple more questions to put this puzzle together. I have Mars Hydro TS3000, I’m sure I’ll get 3 different answers but in flowering stage how many inches above flowers? Another quick one read that last week before harvesting could water with ice water to trigger trichome production, any ideas anyone? Trying an experiment when water in flowering stage I mix ILGM flowering nutrient with Cal Mag plus, sweet sticky, secret flower stacker 0-7-5, then add TERPINATOR ( trichome stimulant) Bring this up to 6.0 to 6.5 ph, also adjust with different nutrients to get 1000-1200 ppm. Also Big Up 0-33-23 to get phosphorus and potassium kicking. Will send pics every week so to let folks know what happens lol.Have good day everyone….