This is my runtz auto at 77 days how much longer till harvest I'm a newbieis she starting to get bud rot on the top and side

The light brown, at the top of the last pic, is the beginning of bud rot. Spray with a 50/50 water/peroxide mix and cut away to fresh green. For harvest, you need to look at your trichomes. Here’s a good ref pic…


Thank you brother for the great help I thought it was bud rot I’ll do as as you say and thanks again

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Do it at dusk tho, not during the heat of the day!

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77 days for an auto is quite a long time. Most of mine are done right at the 75 day mark. The problem I have found with autoflowers is that you can’t just go off of the pistols, trichomes and time frame. It requires a mixture of all three. Timing has been my most useful tool with autoflowers as they average about 4 weeks of veg and then 8-9 weeks flower.

Get you a jewelers loupe or a digital microscope to see what your trichomes are looking like. The “hairs” are pointing to being ready for harvest. The time frame is looking like it should be ready. All you need to do is check the trichs and see if they are clear, milky, milky/amber or amber. For indicas, I like to harvest when they are 50/50 milky/ amber and with sativas I let them go a little longer and get 70-80% amber. I do this to give a little more of a cerebral effect to indicas to match their narcotic effects and I do the other to sativas to give them a bit of a narcotic effect to pair with their cerebral energetic effects.

It really depends what you prefer. Some like them when they are milky because it gives them a stronger “head buzz” and some people like them more mature and sedating as the longer you let them go, the more CBN they contain. Hoping this helped you in some way.


Thank you so much for all the info that girl was my first plant I ever grew then I got bud rot so I learned a whole lot about taking care of my girls I also have 2 gorilla glue and 2 blue dream they are much bigger so I praying they do great thanks again brother

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Just remember that once in flower treat exactly as a photoperiod. At that stage they are the same other than light scedule.

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James Happy Grow Brother
My Runtz is gonna get harvested today. I need to go put her in the garage for a few hours in the dark before I start the process. Note the color of my trichomes

There is soooooo much wong with your comment. I mean, ridiculously bad information. I really dont believeyou even geow your own, its that bad of information.
1.) . 77 days is NOT, by ANNNNNNNY means “quite a long time for autos”. Infact most breeders that give you seed to harvest info will usialky say finish between day 68-73. Something like that. And thats in a PERFECTLY controlled grow room.

Most of yours are done RIGHT AT THE 75 day mark??? But 77 is "way too long??? Once you pass 85 days, you should be about ready to chop. . 90days, thatd be pushing it pending the stain. You wont find many people that get MAJORITY of theirs dont by 75.

2.) Even your math doesnt make sense. Its your most important tool??? 8 weeks flower, 4 of veg…if youre pulling at 75, youre pulling according to your arithmetic youre pulling 9 days too early…,learn math bro.

3.) You will not find a single person that waits 50percent ambrr, or 70-80 PERCENT AMBER??? That thc is soooooooooo horribly degraded by then. My guess is if you wait THAT long youre pushing well over 90-100 days.
And probably ending up with a ton of seeds. ESPECIALLY with autos theyll seed out thats waaaay too lo g

4.) Maybe maaaaybe if all your doing is making fresh frozen bubble hash, so you want big, OLD past maturity trichomes…

Im begging ya, delete that. Its terrible i formation.

1 last thing that twlls me ummmm, yeah you dont grow. See his photos??? Hes growing outside. Autos take longer outside.

Man thats some HORRRIBLE INFO. But maybe you do grow that way, dont know how to do math either…but my good lord keep that schwag weed away from me!

Dont listen to the guy who said 77 days is too long or whatever. ALLLLL of his information waa absolute junk.
Plesse dont wait until your trichomes are 50-80% amber. Your thc levels are degraded soooo severely by that time. And if you wait that long to harvest, youll likely end up with seeds. Theyll begin reproducing if you dont chop prior. At 80% amber trichomes your plants on the verge of death.
80% milky 20% amber will give you very high thc levels and some good CBN.

Beautiful plant brother

Well thats not true even a little. Sooo i can leaf strip my autos hu??? I can do heavy defolition on autos while flowering hu? Well if i want my plants stunted until i chop them, i suppose i coukd.

Boy, alot of yoyrube watching fans on hete, obvious when someone doesn’t actually grow smh

You are so full of shit @OnTheCheap . This is obviously not a forum for you. Son my worst plants are better than your best. Youtubers huh. I get angry seldom but dipshits such as yourself need to go to a liberal let me whine ,complain and tell everyone they dont grow forum. No worries. I will never see a post of yours again.

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