Second grow indoors. 70 days flower


Nice spread of those Colas!

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Very nice plant lots of colas u should get a few ozs out of that

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I hope so. Interested in how much I will end up with nine plants 6 3 gallon. Three. 1 gallon


Nice. Will fatten up now. Right in that window.

Nice beautiful girl and that’s gonna be a nice harvest

What are you growing in?
PH of feed solution?
PH & PPM of runoff?
@SilvaBack203 any concern with plants on left? Calmag / pH?

looks like a pretty full house. Would hurt to open the plants a bit by removing some of the older fan leaves.

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Def some concerns on the plant on the left. Been this far in the game I don’t think she can be fix. She’s already a fat monster. Main concern calmag in my opinion @beardless

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Last time I grew with plenty of room. This time I’m growing hedge. Next time just two plants

I just harvested a SOG green grow that I had to harvest earlier than I wanted. A few days later I found common mold in the tallest densest buds. I have a new found respect for it. Photo of them on Oct. 28, day 70 of 12/12

I had to harvest on 11/3. Lost top 4 - 5 inches of the biggest buds. RH was in the 40%, large box fan and a clip fan. By the way, this is six plants in 1 gallon pots pruned to 3-4 main colas per plant.
A little paranoid of dense grows.
You didn’t answer my questions about PH or PPM
It looks like pH is off with calcium deficiencies. Good luck

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Very nice.
FloraFlex nutrients.

And next grow I’m only doing maybe 3. And that’s probably too much.

I’m just trying different things I’ve had grows before where I kept everything area and trimmed and I’m checking to see if I just grow autos in Coco 2/3 Coco 1/3 Foxfarm if I will have any issues if I do not top them and untouched and this is what is produced and I’m quite happy

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All I did was follow flora flex nutrients guidelines as far as watering schedule feeding schedule week to week this is 72 days of flower total grow is about? Popped 9/1.

I have in-line fan also to draw outside air. And this is out doors.