How am I doing 1st auto bedroom grow

Shout out to grobro always willing to help. Thankyou. My white widow auto is growing 3-4 colas off each branch is this normal? I’m not complaining. Lol. Day 67 it’s been constant flowering for 4 weeks now new ones everyday?not complaining again lol. She’s been on 24 hrs light. 9 gallon pot. Water every 5 days. 1 1/2 gallons. Raw bloom feed she gets ebsom salt every feeding since veg. I only have 5 units 22 watt leds on her. From Home Depot. Placed 3 on top and 2 in the mid level this is a bedroom grow in a corner. Humidity and temperature and ph has always been kept correct. Mixed seed starting mix Pete moss ebsom salt perelite as my soil. I used only basic stuff. Only 27 inches tall but 34 inches wide feel like it grew opposite lol.


Hey lookin good man, welcome to the community


That’s nice

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Looking good, one thing to consider is that your top cola will most likely harvest before your lower buds since you did not appear to top your plant. Therefore, you can harvest the top then either lower your light or raise your plant and grow the lower buds a lil more.

Thanks for the advice about the center cola. I heard people cut the top let the bottom grow more. I should have cut it was scared being my first grow. Also my lighting is poor at best lol. Didn’t think the 120 watts would even get it this far. But they’re working not sure how she will finish.