Second grow going better....but could be even better

So how does this look so far? Im noticing some browning tips. No clue why, i look at pictures and have such a hard time with matching my photos to what is shown online. Please be gentle i live in a small town in state where its not legal to grow. So finding materials is a bit harder. Sometimes you have to use whats in stock locally. Any advice on what you see here?

• super skunk from ILGM popped january 20th

• Method: miracle grow soil (yes i know… but small town problems) with one application of miracle grow big blooms, and 1 dose of tigers blood 2 weeks later

• Vessels: 5 gallon fabric pots

• PH of Water, Solution, runoff: 6.5

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution: na

• Indoor

• ac infinity 2x2 ionboard s44 400w

• Temps: 78°f +/-5°

• Humidity: betwern 25 and 45 (pond fogger on order)

• Ventilation system: ac infinity 4x4 tent system

• humidifier: yes. But obviously not enough

• Co2: no



Looks to me like tip burn caused by finding your plants thresholds for nute uptake. Any higher #’s and she’ll burn. I aim for this look each time I grow. We call it ‘painted nails’.


Awesome. I was hoping that was the case. Thanks for the reply.


I think it looks pretty good considering the miracle grow soil. It has that time release nitrogen in it that’s not good for flowering. Just painted nails as mentioned. I would be careful about adding very much nutrients, especially anything with nitrogen.


Nice, I consider ILGM Superskunk to be their best Strain. It’s a big yielder of in da couch buds.

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Miracle grow is a no no no. I have tried it more times than I care to admit. I have never seen anything worth consuming grown in that personally. The time release N is a killer. Invest in Good quality well amended living soil. You will see a massive difference next time. Also, growing in living soil you really don’t need to ph. Inoculated with microbes the ph is taken care of for you. I can water between 5 and 8 ph in 20 gal living soil pots and the soil biology buffers it perfectly. I don’t even test for ph in soil. It’s pointless. Too often experts advise ph’ing water being put on soil and testing runoff ppm. Trust me. You will chase your tail forever and the data you get won’t make any sense at all. What applies to hydro and inert medias do not apply to soil grown plants. I can run from seed to harvest in 20 gal water only with one top dress in well amended soil.

Wesp, i AM NOT INTENDING TO BE RUDE. So if anything sounds that way please understand i am not trying to be. I appreciate and respect peoples opinions and they take tbe time to read and type a response. So now that i HOPEFULLY will not puss anyone off with my tone…

despite not being good for herb, i was able to grow 3 ILGM white widdow plants to yield 14 oz. if i remember correctly. Not bad for a guy with homicidal tendencies to plants. No seriously i suck at growing plants. And thats where i am, a weak ass grower, in an abusive relationship with his surroundings/environment stuck with using what is evidently toxic waste growing media according to weeds.

I now know that miracle grow soil is not a good option. The problem in running into is that some of us live in areas of the country (world) that are in no way environmentally appropriate AND too far from “civilization” to make getting optimal soil feasible. Trying to ship enough stuff to do a build a soil grow would be time and/or cost prohibitive, though i MAY have a work aroubd if i can convince a friend they need to visit. Hahahahahaa

My INTENTION of this post was to see what the issue is and what can be done if anything to ammend the miracle grow, and how i may be able to overcome or offset enough to be able to get better (not great, just better) results. With MANY hinderances. I had been told the nitrogen was the problem, and that was where my feeble mind was pointing. So at least i can say that much.

So, now that im really sure the issue THANKS VERY MUCH TO THE COMMENTORS ALREADY. Does anyone know ways to make miracle grow a economically feasible way to use miracle grow for those of us in the growing HELL that is west texas? Sweltering hot in summer, frigid in winter, windy af, absolutely NO humidity, and no decent resources that i am aware of. Or a rich “uncle” that i could make arrangements with. You know…hush money. Hahahahhahaa yeah i have a DARK sense of humor my apologies.

OH and before i go, Wes i LOVE watching build a soil. Hopefully if i ever get to somewhere with a truck or trailer, ill pick up the materials to run the buuld a soil at least once. I really love his in depth discussion even though i dont understand a lot of it because im a moron, and suck at plant husbandry. He has such a calming demeanor just listening is soothing. As i said above i honestly think my main issue other than location location location, is experience and understanding what i am seeing, and how to remedy it. I didnt know that what i was seeing was exactly why people dont like miracle grow. Now lets see if we can game plan how to overcome.

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There are a few stores within 100miles of Fort Stockton that carry fox farms stuff. I just searched that area cause you said west Texas, I wasn’t sure how far west…

See if any of these are close to you. Fox farm has a distributer locator on their site.

If El Paso is closer here you go.

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I had a fantastic yield with the ilgm ss as well


I don’t think you came off rude at all my friend. Just for reference I tried to grow with miracle grow against all advice for more than a decade for similar reasons. I wish I had taken this advice long ago. I can admit that it used to piss me off a little bit that people talk so much trash about me trying to grow in miracle grow. I just wanted to prove everyone wrong lol. Not saying that’s you and I’m not meaning for this to feel like trash talk. It’s not. I have just been in your shoes and looking back I wish I would not have been so stubborn. you cant really do anything to make mg better. At one point I guess I could say I didn’t understand the difference between soils. I figured potting soil was potting soil how bad could it be? Tomatoes and other plants grow in it just fine right?Cannabis is an entirely different plant and is much more particular on the timing of nutes being delivered. It’s probably one of the most difficult plants to grow. But once you get it right the results are amazing and you won’t believe what you were able to accomplish. If you look at the miracle grow soil you will see these tiny little colored balls that burst with the liquid in there which is soluble n and prolly p an k too. You can’t control when those release and your plant will be getting potentially too much n and the wrong time and you’ll get nute def plants and the smoke tends to be quite harsh. Also what happens is those time release little capsules occasionally burst when your soil is dry hitting your roots with a high doses of nitrogen. Immediately plant available nutrients on dry roots will cause burnt leaves and all kinds of problems. The impact that is far worse from the soil is dry. I was able to harvest a little bit here and there in mg but most of the time it wasn’t worth the trouble. it was more of a fun hobby and experiment. If you can get the ingredients you can make your own soil which is compost, peat moss and perlite and worm castings for not any more than it cost to buy MG at Home Depot. You can reuse it for years as long as you reammend at the start of the next run. I did spend a lot of money on my initial investment filling 6 20 gallon containers with build a soil 3.0 but I will never have to buy soil again or at least for many years. You’d be far better off buying a bag of pro mix hd at Home Depot and amending that with the dry amendments. And some extra pumice preferred or perlite for extra drainage. I know my local Home Depot here in Denver carries promix. Take my advice, finish this run and try something other than MG next time. It’s far more rewarding to see happy plants. It’s all about genetics first and the media and environmental factors are next. Good luck growing my man!!


The first bud is from my last Mg run. The other buds are the same genetic, same room same light etc. I just went from 5 gal to 20 gal pots with build a soil 3.0 and the difference is night and day.


Im 114 miles from midland and 88 miles from lubbock. Its the arm pit of texas. Hobbs isnt too bad but its still 45 minutes across state borders, so theres that…hahahahaa. i know i can order i know i can drive. But man 4 hours and a couple hundred bucks investment when you consider gas/food for the drive and the materials. im just trying to see if there are other options, and its sounding like a mostly not really answer.

Wes, im not being stubborn. Hell id be on build a soil right now if i had the finances and time to acomplish. Im caretaker to my disabled wife and son. So time is hard to come by, and i have a seriously bad back, so making large batches of soil may not be physically manageable. Especially right now, i dislocated a joint in my hip area called the SI joint, bending over to water is excruciating currently. Like i said earlier, i got 14 of decent bud. So i CAN (poorly) do it in miracle grow. Maybe my best option is grow in miracle grow till i have a fair amount of it, then ammend the soil a bit. Again im sure this is not the best option. And probably not even amongst the top 10 ideas. I just dont know with my constraints of location time and physical limitations. It wont stop me from growing as i need it for my arthritis. I just wont win any awards for size, quantity or quality. Sorry if i sound like im just making excuses and sort of i am. I COULD overcome a couple of the issues, but its just cost more in some other area. So just exhausting all options i can find or anyone can think of before falling on the sword that is financial damage. Hahahahaha again thank you to everyone for being patient and slightly understanding. And ill listen to any and all options available.

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I have these going right now as well. ILGM skywalker, ak-47 and sour diesel. I got the smaller light to get closer to the small plants yo not burn the big sisters. I had em raised up, but it was too janky to work in the tent with the clutter it caused. I dont mind spending money on equipment, its the stuff that isnt durable goods. Spending more money just to replace it each time…sheeshamonkey get expensive.

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All good man. Been there before. How many 5 gal containers do you have?

They still have a a little bit to go. But man is she filling out nicely. Day 62 pictured here but on day 65

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I think i have 12 to 15 of em, but only use maybe 6 at a single time.

Well day 66 i go into the tent and see some fully yellow leaves on 1 and a few more lighter green leaves on it and the other. So looks like she is winding down EARLY. Not sure ill get to day 80…oh darn.

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Photo_2023-03-29 16_51_59_730
Photo_2023-03-29 16_51_44_784
Photo_2023-03-29 16_51_07_148
Photo_2023-03-29 16_50_40_022
Photo_2023-03-29 16_50_24_490
We are seriously winding down now. A few amber trikes! Whats your prefference on % amber? Ive seen a lot of people say 50/50. As my second grow im not sure i have a prefference. First time i did the normal thing…got in a rush and had just a few. Gonna show more restraint this time…

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When it starts to amber, I chop her down. I dont like couch lock.