Second Grow ever - Special Queen #1 ; balcony grow

Hi all,

I am a newbie to growing and started my second grow. I have 3 Special Queen #1 and one random plant.m and am growing them on a balcony in the northern european hemisphere. No grow lights but they do get about 6h of natural sunlight throughout the day. They are now in their 5th week from the seeds sprouting.
Was wondering if they are a little bit too tall for their age (they are a 100% statics though)
I have some issues with.
One of them has some deformed leaves growing, my suspicion is too much heat as it was left in direct sun by accident 2 weeks ago.

Looking forward to any feedback.

All the best


Welcome to the community! You are doing an awesome job so far. Did you do your first grow in the same window area? I am thinking they are in need a better light. They won’t get the right light through the window. JMHO :slightly_smiling_face: :v:


I have them on the balcony (unfortunately it is turned east) outside until 16h. I loose direct sunlight around 11h but I only move them to the window ledge in the picture around 16h to catch some more light that come around from 18:00 - 20:00.

I am thinking of using this small balcony to get rid of the window issue.

And yes… I used the same places last year… the yield wasn’t bad at all.


Very good. I wish I could grow outside. Happy Growing, have a great weekend :blush::v:


Here is the morning balcony to the east side where the plants are hanging out from 6h until 16h.


Do you have a good scope? I would check for bugs… broad mites can cause a blistery-like leaf with distortion.


I have a jewellers lupe (30x and 60x) and just went checking. I had the mites in the end of the first grow and had to cut the plant a week or so sooner than I wanted. There is no sign of any insects so far. Will keep checking though. Can extreme heat from a midday direct sunlight through a window also cause such deformation? I accidentally left them on the window ledge for a couple of hours, because there was no forecast of sun and I wasn’t home.

Any advice on what to do if these little suckers decide to come back this year?

Thank you sincerely for any advice.
All the best

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This if it is available in your area. :white_check_mark:

Especially this one.


I found some mite eggs! I don’t have Captain Jacks available in my country so I ordered some neem oil that will arrive tomorrow. If that doesn’t work, I will have to find some light insecticide.
Will report back soon.

Hi everyone,

I treated all my plants (not just the cannabis) on my balcony with neem oil and they seem to be doing great. One of them looked healthy enough to top it above the 4th node (not counting the first two single leaves node). I placed some cinnamon on the cut to prevent infections.

Should I top the plant in the third picture after the 5th node or should I also go for the 4th?
This strain is a 100% sativa and they say they grow tall (up to 2m). I’m thinking the sooner I top, the better. I am not to worried about visibility of the plant as I live in The Netherlands and at my location (last floor and no buildings close), the smell and view won’t bother anyone.

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Should I top the one in the third picture?
Thank you for your feedback.

Here are the plants at 7 weeks. I am feeding them with 6,3 ph water after adding Easy Grow tablet from Royal Queen.

I topped 2 of the Special Queen but the one with deformed leaves just doesn’t seem to be getting better so I am leaving it alone some more before trying some LST. I am pretty sure she won’t like HST. I sprayed all of them with neem oil however I still see some eggs and will spray again tomorrow.

I tried Fimming for the first time with my off brand plant. Did I do ok?

What do you guys think. So far so good?

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Short question…
When do I know I should start watering until runoff?
So far I’ve only watered sparingly.

One more question if you all don’t mind…

I accidentally snapped one fan leaf from the node right after my topping.
Should I take my chance and leave it be, or should I top one node below?

Thank you so very much for your help and advice.

Here is how the girls are doing…

Should I bend less with the LST?

Just a little update…
This is now 9 full weeks after germination.

Just another small update….

The girls are doing great. I’ve been watering them until runoff every three days, adding Easy Grow by Royal Queen. This lowers my PH to 6.6/6.7. Should I buy some Ph lowering products for the flowering phase?

The topping has also already shown its benefits. I plan to add bamboo stakes in a month or so to create a Scrog net for each individual plant.

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.


Just want to know your opinions on the Ph when flowering commences. Currently I keep it at 6.7.

Thank you very much for your help and advice.

All the best

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In living soil, 6.7 is perfect for flowering. The nutes needed for flowering are better absorbed from 6.5 to 6.8.


Thank you very much for your feedback!
I really appreciate it.

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