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Ok, I’m starting my build of scrug tables. Made from 3/4” pvc, two tables. Each is 4x4’ one is 24” off the ground and the one above it is 18” above that. It’s a 10x10 tent, will have 3 tables in it all 4x4. Will be running 3 spider farm SE7000 LEDs.
DWC in root spa buckets, unless the wife will let me spring for another ebb and flow system with 60 gal res and chiller, lol maybe, maybe not.
Still building the tables, but thought I would ask if y’all thought my height was enough before I got too far.


I would first throw this out at you: one screen per plant. You really don’t want to load multiple different cultivars into the same screen as there will inevitably be a reason to work on one plant. Harvest times will vary as well.

You can make screen adjustable for height by sliding 3/4" schedule 40 PVC into 1" schedule 20 and secure with a wood screw.


Great suggestion by Myfriendis410. It would be futile to try to predict the height of a canopy before the grow is started. It can be somewhat managed via training, but a fixed height for a table isn’t going to help you. Different plants are going to have differing canopy heights.

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Yes, I was planning on one plant per two tier table 4x4’. The buckets are 13”, so first tier the plant would only have to grow 11”, second tier 18” above that, but I could very easily make second tier adjustable. My plan was to do the same strain each time, planning on starting with Runtz photo. Starting with two tables, if I like it then add a third later.
Again, thank you for the advice


You will get variation in height among plants of the same strain.

Good stuff. Looking forward to seeing pics of the grow. Going to start a journal for your grow?

@Myfriendis410 offers some great advice. I have only been growing for 5 years. @Myfriend410 was a huge influence on how I grow and I have enjoyed success as a result of his mentoring.

My SCROG frame design was a direct rip off of @Myfriendis410 's design.


It depends in part on the height of the buckets. When I use a scrog net I like it to be around 10 - 12" above the medium. This seems to be a good height for the plant to grow into. It gives me some room to bend and position branches and get them going in the right direction.

This is my 3x3 tent

I also use frames with autopots

Because I am trying a 3 gallon rain science bag this grow I have more distance between the medium and the net. About 14".

These people use great scrog frames. I cherry picked parts that fit what I wanted
@AfgVet @merlin44 @NUG61 @PharmerBob


Yes, this upcoming grow will be mid June after I return from fishing Alaska, but a journal will be added to this post


That’s only fair as I stole it from someone else haha! You’ve far outdone me in SCROG technology!

Very kind words and I for one am glad you’ve become a regular part of the conversation here.


My continued presence here is in large part your fault, for sure. :grin: :man_mage:
Thanks for the kind words my friend.


Your SCROG frame and base in the first photo sure look familiar to me. Nice job, @beardless ! :grin: :man_mage:


@merlin44 @Myfriendis410 @MidwestGuy @beardless
Question about lights, mostly due to my lack of knowledge, understanding of what all the numbers mean. I need two more good lights for my scrug table. I’m looking at the mars hydro FC 8000, mars hydro FC -E8000, or the Green Beams GB4. Price ranges from $360 to $800. Watts from 480 to 800.
Also open to any other suggestions on other lights. I’ve bought enough other (lower wattage) lights that I will never use, that I don’t want to make the same mistakes again.
So any and all suggestions, comments would be appreciated.

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By far the best lights out there are HLG. Personally I would be looking at them as they have the best reputation along with using the latest diodes with the highest efficiency. All of the other lights you mention do not.


@Myfriendis410 Has you covered. If you want to stop wasting money on low end lights, go with HLG or design and build you own if you have the required skills.


That’s what I did. Very happy with the result.


Maybe I’m over thinking this, I have a habit of that.
If my first screen is 2’ off the deck, bucket is 13” deck to top that leaves approximately 1’ to first screen. If I start bending and attaching to the screen at that point, since the screen is 4’x4’, will I even need a second screen? The lights say they will cover a 5’x5’ area.

I’m thinking now to just do 1 screen, but put the 1” schedule 20 over the 3/4” schedule 40, that way I can adjust the height as needed per grow.

I’ve never done double screens as a single supports it and spreads it out pretty well.

Like this:


3 SCROG tables built, 2 are 4’x4’ and 24” tall with an 18” extension if needed. Third one is 3x3 3’ tall with 16” extensions if needed. Plan on starting these in May. Just need to install the screen.


I see a lot of folks thread their SCROG using sheet metal screws. I chose to drill holes instead which puts the string in the middle of the frame rather than above it. I would also suggest making your ‘cells’ rectangular: makes it easier to thread plant material through when it’s oblong.

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