Scrog/LST difference

So what’s the difference? From what I can tell, SCROG is just a lazy form of LST that offers ability to manipulate canopy height without needing something to tie to.

We had been LSTing our girls and after I broke a couple limbs accidentally I decided that maybe SCROG would be less stressful for both us and the girls. But hindsight is 20/20 and I feel we opened canopy up and exposed lower bud sites just fine with LST alone.

Am I missing something? I guess scrog would offer stability after stretch/budding, but couldn’t you LST down low and then scrog up high? Is it really just plant/strain dependant which method you choose?

@Sniz. This is my first gown and did some LST to keep canopy even. I don’t have enough room to scrog. I like to be able to pull the plants out to inspect for problems.

I am sure much more knowledgeable growers can provide you with the pros and cons of each approach.

Screen of green is turning a screen into a full flat even canopy.

Low stress training comes in many forms, you can bend a plant right over or you can pull it to the sides of your tent or tie it to bamboo sticks really any sort of bending and such.

SCOG is actually alot more work but also alot more time.
If you have the time scog is a good technique to learn, although build a good scog of one per plant.
Many try to scog a trellis netand that is not a proper scog.

@Nicky Can you point me to information on proper scrog without trellis net? I have not seen anything that does not use a net, maybe that’s why I don’t understand it

The best is to build your own, because while you can get the right sized net you will find that only one plant per scog is ideal so you can move them or harvest them one at a time.

A scog net will have smaller, stronger squares then a terilis net. They don’t differ to much.
What size is your tent?

@Nicky 48x48x75. 3 plants

Yeah the pre made ones are okay, give em a shot worth the price.

See how these are the black elastic cord and medium squares, you ideally don’t want the white netting or big squares.

Also a 2 pack is best.

You can check out the buildasoil website. They have set ups for scrog. They even have mobile setups I believe.

I was really REALLY bored and made two 15 inch square nets on frames with 5/16th maple
dowels and #16 cotton intrisic thread. (It’s over 75 years old and stronger than monofilament)
Go figure. I stick them over the plant when they reach a certain height. Seems to work pretty
good for what it is.