SCROG a 2x4x6 tent with one plant?

I am curious about growing a Blue Haze in my tent. Being Sativa heavy in strain, they can bust 70 inches. With the air gap for lighting and height of the container, it is a no go. Could I put the container in the corner and screen it/train lateral growth or am I being unrealistic? Wanna grow more than dwarf Indicas…

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I scrogged sativas with my first grow. Not knowing what to expect, I was concerned with height also. Short answer, yes you can absolutely scrog sativas.



If you start topping early enough, and use some lst and super cropping, you might fill a 2x4’ scrog. Just be aware of your strains’ stretch, and flip to flower before it gets too high.


I’m currently growing blue haze in a 3x3x6 with a Scrog and no height issues. It’s in a 5g dwc bucket. I only fimmed it once too. Vegged for 7 weeks. I’m in week 4 of flower. Also using LED lights too.


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I grew a Super Silver Haze last winter on a 2x4 SCROG in half of a 4x4 tent next to another plant. I believe @Mudcrab01 currently has an SSH SCROG going as well… they are 70/30 sativa.

But you can also grow an indica-dominant plant big enough to fill that space too. This is a Gold Leaf in a 4x4 tent:

Lots of options in a 2x4x6 space IMHO.


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