Blue dream stretch? Leaf stripping and lst?

Got some blue dream seeds on the way what kind of stretch should I expect with them, I will be growing them inside a 4x4x72” tent how many should I put in their? I was thinking just one and Scrogging it but I’ve never grown a Sativa before I’m used to strong Indicas with almost no stretch… lst will be a must I’m assuming but I’m wondering if doing a compleat leaf strip at start of 12/12 then 21 day into flower Is ideal for this strain? Any experience is welcomed I will be growing them in Hempy buckets on an auto feeder

You will need to stay on top of her. She can grow over 78” indoors. Yes, its true it can with say 2 HLG 260xl rspec in a 4x4.

Depends how good your light is. I grow on a 12/12 cycle from start to finish. So my plants continue to stretch till near the end of rhe grow. I actually don’t veg my olants.

Just do only 1 plant. Scrog it because these are not small plants…Sativa strikes again.


me man I’m scared now lol so I have 2 optic 1 xls 100 wats each and a mars hydro tsl 2000 300 watts… so I have compleat 4x4 coverage what kinda scrog would you suggest? I’ve been doing the 4 way lst a while now and really like how simple it is to train 4 mains down instead of a sky scraper lol but I’m fir,y new to growing in general and have absolutely no experience with Sativa plants as I’ve been scared to grow them In a tent… I do follow the 3 a light technique so I’ll be doing a complete leaf strip at start of 12/12 and at 3 weeks in what worries me is setting the scrog net to correct height… with Indicas you flip when the screen is 70% full does this hold true with sativas as well?

I would do the screen scrog. Spread those branches. She is an aggressive plant and I love Blue Dream. Don’t be afraid…no reason to. Sativas tend to get tall and Indicas the short, bushy plants. From my understanding between the two.

I don’t personally Scrog. I grow monsters…well photo monsters and super monsters. Just learning Autos and so far I find them boring. :pensive:

I think 12” above the top of your grow pot. This will allow you do trim underneath and will also make watering easier.

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I’m going to do that and put them 12” under the screen just don’t know when to flip a Sativa on a scrog hopefully some one chimes in

Ya I got 20 white widow auto beans I started 6 and pulled them out and tossed them in trash was not satisfied one bit with them…I like training plants it’s therapeutic I can’t not muck with them lol alas I have 14 seeds left that I will hold on to for a gorilla grow

I don’t do a flip personally. I run a 12/12 cycle start to finish. But ideally you probably want 6 to 8 weeks once it breaks the surface. Then wait and bam…flip.

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What is your yeild per plant with 12.12 from seed on blue dream?

@Buddernugz I got got almost 1 lb dried, cured and no stems off 1 plant. For my Blue Dream…remember this is the Photo Version. :+1::+1::+1:

This is a sample of how my tent normally looks. Remember my tent is only a 4x4x80” and I consistently have plants reach over 7 feet. Well my Photo plants. I also grow plants horizontally.

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That plant your holding upside down was a ilgm feminized blue dream that was grown 12/12 from seed???!!!

No that is Humboldt seed.

Damn I gota look into that do they ship to any state in USA? Have u grown ilgm blue dreams

No I haven’t grown ILGM seeds yet. I already had a huge seed bank at home just before I joined here.

I don’t know if they ship they US or not. I got it from a massive seed bank in the HK.

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May I ask why you only do 12/12? I’m new to growing & have a Blue dream. Mine is healthy but not very tall at all.

@MaryJane13 Why 12/12? Because I live in South Texas for one. Two…because of cost. Three…heat. Lastly because I can. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

:grin::grin: gotcha! And from what I saw it works great. What type of medium & units do you use? I would love my blue to grow much larger but it’s only about 2-3’. Started it the end of May.

Thanks for the reply

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@MaryJane13 I use only FFOF soil and nutrients. I also run two HLG 260xl rspec in my 4x4 tent. :+1:

Just flipped them 6 week veg from seed

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