I've been growing indoors for over a year now

I’m new to the forum and I hope I can learn so much more than I do now.

I have a serious question. I’m growing Girl Scout Cookies for the first time. She is out of control. She has managed to stretch to 39" wide and is 54" tall.

Is this normal? My grow room is good for two plants but she is taking the whole space.


@MrPeat Is it in flower yet and I would super crop it

No Hogmaster she hasn’t flowered yet. How would you super crop it?

I haven’t read any forums till now. I just pulled my Blue Dream plant due to the GSC being so big. This is Blue Dream and she produced nicely.


Search supercropping in the threads or google it i guess best to practice some lst early on and top when you reach desired height that way it’ll get bushier and you’ll end up with more budsites my plants always had like three or four good budsites until i found this forum and tried scrog i get a way better yield now then i ever have good luck on taming that beast

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I just took a picture what looks like it’s flowering. If I am wrong, someone can say yes or no. Not sure as I’ve never dealt with GSC strain.

I am going to grow another GSC after this one is done. So I can learn and perfect what needs to be done. I just saw a different spot and it does look like it’s flowering.


Yes that is flowering
What lights are you running?
And what is your light schedule?

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Looks like a sort of blueish purple light … but it grew a nice blue dream … …Super cropping is pinching stalks bending them over and even tieing branches to the side after. The pinch is made… up it will widen the plant and open the inside up letting light inside… u should defoliate all branches and leaves that dont hit the 50% line and is not getting light

ThcinKC…I’m using a Viparspectra 600 watt 12 band LED grow light system. I’m also running I think 14 hrs light 10 hours dark. I’ve had awesome luck with this schedule.

Thanks also for the input Fano. I will grow another GSC and apply what I can learn before the next crop.

Also thanks Juan and Hog.

If it works for you then by all means go ahead but I’d do 12 hours of light 12 hours of dark with no light leaks keep the pics coming I’ll set this thread to watch

I should change to 12/12. I have problems setting my darn timer. I used to do 12/12 but when the Time change took place I didn’t adjust it. I’m lazy that way sometimes.

How my first plants started last year to now you would be shocked. When I planted Blue Dream and GSC near the same time frame. It looked like the GSC wasn’t going to grow up at all and boy did she surprise me.

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this is my ideal plant shape see how the light can get all the way down to the bottom of the plant you will have no airy buds at this structure strip stuff that gets shaded focus energy to tops start at a young age and as a branch grows up the it to the side pinch it like mush the inside so the branch li is over this will cause a knuckle to conform there supporting your new structure of the buds being out to the side once you spread a got 12 to 16 good branches evenly and they all turn upward then put them in flower and tou will get a nice evenly budded evenly distributed plant


This process is called super cropping falling under the category of LST low stress training


Thanks Fano for the pictures. I was limites yesterday by how many posts ai could do. Ig help.

I now know about the trichromes being amber. Here is a close up on my Blue Dream. :unamused:

I do have a couple of questions. My grow tent is 4’x4’x80”. I was wondering two things. My grow light is 600 watts but only uses around 275 watts on the power bill. Is this enough light?

Secondly…how many plants should be able to grow with my set up?

I have around 150 seeds so I want to utilize mybgrow room to the max it can handle.

I think a good rule is to have 50-60 true watts per sq foot of space if you are gonna continue with growing like i am you should checkout some new lights @dbrn32 is the guy to talk to i know I’ll have questions for em soon when i get the rest of the parts together for a light build

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You would probably want a bigger light or a few of the lights you have for flowering. What you’re Looking for is amount of light they put into space, not neccesarily amount of power they use. Since most of the inexpensive light manufacturers don’t give you a total flux, that’s where the 50~ watts per square foot comes from.

I’ve used the light in the grow tent for every thing. Once the seed is ready to be planted, they go directly into the grow room.

I live where it can have a real feel temps of 130 degrees outside. So most of the year is hard to grow till this idea that literally just hit me. I can run a AC Duct from the vent in the room to the grow tent.

I figured I need more watts of light. Especially how big my GSC is. Now I know what to do about growing. I can see how flawed my system is now.

So a 1k watt grow light system be good for a 4’ x 4’ x 80”?

My tent is 8 sq feet total i have three 600w led lights inside but they aren’t actually 600w they pull roughly 138 total watts each the 138x3=414 so 414 divided by 8 is 51.75 watts per sq foot of space your area is twice that at 16 sq feet so you want around 800-1000 true watts running for a good yield during flower if your only trying to do one at a time I’d suggest buying a smaller tent or keep what you have since you know it works for you and get more light :bulb:

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Thanks Juan…I’m actually thinking of going bigger. I want to utilize everything so I don’t always have to grow all year round. My grow room I use doesn’t have the greatest circulation from the AC. They put a restricter plate in so other parts of the house is cooler.

My bathroom is the coldest room during the Summer Months which is basically 9 months of the year. We don’t have a Fall Season down where I live. So Spring and Winter is the other 3 months.

I need to move my entire setup so I can use most of the cool air through the 8 foot section of duct. Not a fun chore but I need to get the most of the cold air in as possible. Why? Because I can’t keep the door to the grow tent closed since it will hit past 85 degrees. During the actual Summer it can hit 95 degrees and that is bad.

dbrn32…thanks for the reply as well. Since you are the light guy I’ll ask what would be a light setup that is reasonably priced. I’m looking at keeping the power bill down.

So I went to McCoy’s Lumber in the next town over. So I jimmy rigged a duct from the vent to the tent

This is Girl Scout Cookies which I have learned that it’s a bad way to grow. Thanks to those pointing out my mistakes. I’m happy to learn so I can get a better crop.

One issue I have is the Texas heat and I can’t believe I never thought of doing this before. And this is the first and only forum I’ve ever joined and looked through the content.

Without further ado here is my make shift idea to cool the tent down. Plus my monster beast GSC on steroids. And yes it does cool the tent down and the timer is now 12/12 schedule.