Sativa outdoor grow,,no trichomes

I’m growing outdoors on the equator,I have a local wild sativa that is in heavy flower…the top white hair’s have retreated to the bud ,But I have very few trichomes showing…How can I boost the trichome growth, ?

Potassium well help…

Hi Toker,I was hoping you would show up…I have been using a commercial fertilizer with equal parts of Nitrogen,potassium and phosphorus,I do use it sparingly… Then about three days ago I tried an old rose gardener trick,A table spoon of brown sugar in a quart of water,
I see no change in the plant,
I just cut a bud and it is drying,I’ll try to smoke it and see how it works…
Now how about a little advice and consul…
This is a loaded up sativa,tons of bud,It’s been flowering for roughly two months,the white hairs on only a couple buds of topmost branches have receded, and then not all the hairs receded …This taught me that I have been harvesting to early… Your thoughts as to how much longer I should let it go…BTW,I sure am glad your around,!!!

Less nitrogen more phosphorus and potassium. Mostly more potassium for bud swelling and trichomes. Also duely noted pure sativas such as wild sativas or pure sativas or mostly sativa can go as long as up 24 weeks that’s as long as 4 months in flower bro

And I’m always around and in flower always less nitrogen than phosphorus and potassium and thanks man

Toker,You are amazing,Your medicine is working Thank You very much.,JD

Thank you for the kind words buddy, and my pleasure im so happy it’s working for you :smile: I like to see good progress

Thanks for the grow time estimate…I was wondering…I have this plant in a tree gallon glazed pot…I have not ever seen this amount of buds …I was worried about no trichs ,But they are starting to show,You should see me out there with my magnifying glass trying to see trichs…My wife has not been home for ten days,so seeing anything is a real challenge…The plant got quite odoriferous today too…Thanks again Toker,You bailed me out AGAIN!!!

How do I send you or the ILGM some pictures via email…

You can upload them on here and my pleasure buddy some strains take longer than others to see

Toker ,I can’t see worth a shit,I need an email address to send to,I think,

Damn…umm…I’m trying to think of a solution, id send my email out but that’s not aloud it’s against the rules. Hmmm in best solution the best you can see can you find an upload button on the phone it’ll be in the bottom right hand corner I think computer will be in bottom left hand

I think maybe my picures went

Went some where lol they didn’t and up here hmm interesting what are you using a phone or computer

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My computer…I sent them to…To ILGM - Customer Support Today at 9:00 PM

attention Majictoker at support

Yes I won’t recieve them there and customer support is a whole other group of people I’ll see if I can find them here though

Here’s a reply I just recieved
Your email has been received and is being reviewed by the ILGM support team. Thanks for reaching out!

We are a small team, but dedicated to our jobs. We strive to answer every email within 24 hours (except during the weekend, then we enjoy spending time with our families and children)

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When I clik on any Eaddress it turs to red color and when I try to send it in that form I get the the " please enter an address note

Wondering if it’s where I live?

Those won’t be answered buddy lol those will send you here to get help from us I think I still have your Skype I’ll find it and add you you can send them to me there if youd like

Okay and thanks for having my back…