SandMan’s Plants Aren’t Flowering After 4 Weeks! Help!

Hey ILGM family!

I have a problem, my 6 ILGM plants are not budding and I am in week 4 of flower!!

They have pistils, but no bud formations and it’s really stressing me out. Plants are super healthy, check the pH every day, and temperature conditions are great.

I checked for light leaks again yesterday and can’t find anything!

Is this normal?? Any tips?? Thank you fam!



autos? are you on 12hrs light on-12hrsoff?
your plant are very nice looking!


You should probably post the support ticket so we can see if there’s something glaringly wrong, especially if you’re certain you don’t have a light leak.

What spectrum is your light? It’s not a 6500K, or something like that, is it?

This is perfectly normal if u are counting 4 weeks from flip of lights. Some strains can take longer than 2 weeks to even start pistils and have been known to go 14-15 weeks in flower. Just happens sometimes.

I even just had a cheese auto take 6 weeks to start flower and flowering very slow. It will happen, patience sucks

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I agree with @anon95385719 sounds like a non issue
Once they start you’ll be ok
But I would also like to know if they are autos or photos plants if autos and your lights are not on a 12-12 switch to 12-12 can help
How much light are you using ?

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