Salty bags? Flushing needed?

Hey Growers hope your all having a great week I’ve got some White Widow fem 4 weeks into flower
There n 3 gallon smart pots
Foxfarm happy frog
Foxfarm big 3 half dose once a week
Been having residue on bags when drying out…do I need to flush?

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I recommend that you flush 3-4 times each grow. Once during vegg, once at switch to flower, and whenever else you think is needed. Never used foxfarms myself, but heard it is very salty

I used to use fox farms nutes. They work decently, but one MUST flush at least according to their schedule. On my last ff grow I flushed a few times more than they outline.

Your plants look good. Just a weeee bit of nute burn on the tips. It’s easy to do with ff.

Hey Hornhead how the hell are ya, been busy as a 2 dollar hooker lol, you know I’ve never flushed these…seems like I need to dismantle the scrog to get them out of this 2x8 grow closet can’t get shit done in there, what’s ur thoughts on taking down scrog?

Hey Drinkslinger, yep gonna flush tonight, this is my first grow and I’m happy everything’s still alive! Lol, I’m figuring 3 gallon run through on these 3 gallon pots what do u think?

You can use products like florakleen or sledgehammer. They reduce the amount of water you have to run through. If you’re just using water, I think the recommended amount is 3x-5x your pot size. So for 3 gal pots you’re looking at 9-15 gallons of pH’d water. It’s a lot.

I keep my containers in large plastic bins (under a scrog). Just so I can water and wet vac out the excess.


Wow I’ll need more pH down.!! Thanks for the MS info I’ll Google those products tonight.

I’ve used fresh lemon juice to drop ph.

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