Safe places to purchase Cannabis products on the internet

Hello everyone, I’m just wondering if there any safe places to purchase Cannabis products such as Terp sauce, moon rocks, etc on the internet?

the quick answer is no where…

The exceptions are if you live in a legal state, and order locally online (not all legal states allow this).

If you live in an illegal state, you are just going to get scammed if you find someone who says they sell it.

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Yeah, I’m aware of places scamming people and the laws in the legal states, etc. I was just really hoping someone here knew of places that are working a little differently. When I first started buying seed 20+ years ago it was the same way with seed banks online. You were lucky to not get ripped off, let alone actually getting what you ordered. The few quality seed banks that were shipping world wide were always changing their domain names to survive. Yet here we are now. Lots of quality seed banks shipping nearly worldwide. Seems as though there must be a quality cannabis product distributor doing much the same ( obviously on the DL) this day in age and I figured it couldn’t hurt to see if anyone here was in the know. Thanks for your reply though!

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There’s some fairly reliable ways on the “dark web” but only if you are a bit tech savvy. Do some searches from a search engine that doesn’t track you related to: exchanges or marketplaces

Everything is done in BTC so make sure you know what you’re doing.

Honestly though if it’s just cannabis you want you’re better off growing or driving to a legal state to buy. That’s how we’ve been buying weed in Vermont since the end of prohibition… buy it legally somewhere else and then possess it legally at home. There’s some part there about crossing state lines that’s illegal af but nobody seems to be looking for that

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Thank you Deez, I’ve thought about doing the same thing but the products there appear to be super expensive in Massachusetts which is the closest legal state I can find with legal adult use dispensaries online. I have only been able to find medicinal dispensaries in Vermont (which won’t allow N.Y. medical cards) on the internet and the medicinal cannabis here is extremely limited. Do you by any chance know of any good recreational dispensaries in Vermont? That’s also just as close as Massachusetts.

Ya ya, I know. I’m way ahead of you. Grow it myself and make myself… Unfortunately that doesn’t help me right now though. Was kinda hoping more people like Deez would offer productive information is all.

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Forum policy is pretty tight here. Outside of suggesting to obtain from a legal dispensary, or a vague comment about checking dark web, we probably couldn’t allow it to remain anyway. We aren’t naive, but we certainly can’t allow anyone to use the forum in effort to complete an illegal transaction. And we don’t allow anyone to solicit sales of cannabis or related items. The forum is more or less laid out to help like minded people share the experience of growing their own.

In short, more a matter of being unable to help than not willing to help. I live in a legal state, last I knew prices were similar MA. You would probably have to look more towards West Coast, Colorado, or Oklahoma to find significantly better dispensary prices in US. Mot sure if that makes sense logistically though.


@Drgoodbud vermont doesn’t have recreational dispensaries yet. Retail sale for recreational starts this summer here in VT I believe.

I agree The dispensaries in MA aren’t cheap and IMFAO the only thing worth buying there are edibles and concentrates. Their flower is mediocre.

Isn’t NY state legal?

Edit: retail sale for recreational in Vermont won’t be open until October 2022 at the earliest.

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@Deez Yeah medicinal is legal in New York but its super limited. I pay $85 a 1/2g for live resin carts and their just so, so. I prefer concentrates but they are hard to come by quality wise here. I usually press my own because of that but variety is always wonderful.:grin:

I definitely hear you on the variety. I’m sure out of all of the selection of carts you can get the live rosin ones are going to be the most expensive. Still 85 for 500 mg is Steep!

I started pressing rosin originally because I wanted to fill my own carts and then before I ever started filling carts I tried out a Puffco Plus and then it was like who needs carts!

I’m still happy for retail sale to be coming to VT though. Sometimes im fine with sampling someone else’s work.

@Deez I’ve been looking into making my own carts for work and such for awhile now. Just haven’t dove into it far enough yet. I finally just bought some terpenes from Floraplex Terpenes to mix with my press concentrates that lack a good terp profile. But im not very impressed with them. Do you have any suggestions for a quality terps company? Ill have to check out that Puffco plus your talking about.

@dbrn32 Lol, I get it man. I’m skating a fine line on here. But, a slight/vague hint goes a long way. And seriously bud, what in the actual f@$k do you think most of us are doing with the seeds outside of the legal states? Might as well shut this whole forum down cause we’re all fascilitaing “ilegal activity” by giving each other pointers :scream: Lol. But for real though. Thank you for your input. Going to Colorado or one of the other better, closer legal states is on my bucket list for sure. Happy Growing !!