Rust problem on leaves

Need some urgent advice what should I do I have rust attacking two of my plants I’m removing the infected parts but once I do it just spreads else where I’ve also tried baking soda and watt any suggestions thanks

A picture would help alot. without it I can only guess you arr having a cal issue if rust spots show up on your leaves. cal is pretty sensitive ph level to be absorbed by the plant. I try to stay 6.2 to 6.5pH in any medium low as I go is 6.0pH any lower and I get rust spots.

what medium are you in?
stage of plant?
temps, RH?
what nutes
more info will help

It’s def rust it’s spreading like wild fire I’ve phed my soil I’ve I’ve added call mag I’ve flushed my plants I sprayed them with some regular water a couple days ago and with four five hours there were spots everywhere ph is 6.5 humidity is 60 it’s in early veg and the plants are in soil I’m using cal mag and GH series nutes

Were the lights on when you sprayed them?

No sir I always water or spray when there lights are off Im gonna burn some sulphur I’ve talked to a few ppl that have had this problem and they said burning sulphur is your best bet any type of spray seems to help it spread