Rust colored leaves

I am growing 3 plants in autopots using ANs and this blue cheese has leaves turning tona rusty orange. Its in 50% promix 20% coco 30% perlite.

They are getting 1ml/l sensi grow 1ml/l cal mag with microbes + B52 from AN. Ppms from res about 700.

Thanks for helping.

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What’s the pH of your res.? It looks like a boron deficiency, maybe due to lockout.

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Im using Advanced nutrients so i do not check ph. Reading what you posted a boron def will.only affect new growth and it is happening on older fan leaves.

So it couldn’t possibly be pH then? I see where it says new growth. Looks identical to me, though.

Maybe fill out a support ticket, and I’ll get a couple hydro guys headed this way. @TDubWilly @Donaldj

To create a grow support ticket we need some basic information to help diagnose the issue.

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Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

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You might be right, kinda strange because I have 3 plants wired to this reservoir on same feed, two clones from same mother and a blueberry. Difference is one is 70/30 coco perlite and the other one is promix with coco. I ordered calibration solution for my PH pen and will see what PH says when i get back.home on monday

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I’ve never grown hydro, or auto pots. But there’s a ton of knowledge on here, collectively. We’ll get it figured out.


Strain : blue cheese clone
In 50%promix/20% coco/30% perlite
In autopots system 15L pot with air domes
Ph : dunno
Around 700ppm in the res.
270w of vero cobs in a 2x3 tent.
Temps around 27 at day, 20 at night
Humidity at day around 30% not sure at night
4 inch intake 6 inch exhaust on low.
Ac in room outside tent with a dehumidifer if needed (high humidity in basement)
No co2

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Same plant 6 days ago

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The couple specs you’re unsure of jump out. Your pH might be something, but also, the humidity might spike at lights out causing issues. Do your fans stay on 24/7?

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Yes, fans run 24/7 and my basement humidity is stabilised at around 45-50.

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Which pro mix? Aren’t there some that are more or less inert, and others with micorrhizae and nutrients and whatnot? And are you using reverse osmosis water, or tap, or?

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Promix HP with mych.

Well water around 240ppm.

Are you using Tap water @Blasting ? Chlorine?

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It is well water. Around 240ppm as stated above.

Maybe the peat in the pro mix could be causing your pH to change on that one plant.

Yeah, im seeing lots possibilities. First thing ill do is monitor ph from well/nute mix/reservoir after couple days/tray where pot sit.


I have seen this before, and I believe it is a result of your mix with Coco. Coco will suck out Calcium and your deficiency…'s are a result of a lack of calcium. When this happens, it is like the calcium is the door for several elements not getting into the plant. Add some Cal Mag to every feeding. I had a big bushy plant do this, and thought I was going to lose her. I did what I have told you, and she recovered, and produced some fine buds. It would help to know your soil pH as well. (I use AN neuts too). Anyway, that is my two cents! I wish you well in your efforts!


Defiantly need to PH your water.

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I use AN pH perfect 3 part for hydro with all additives and the pH has been off quite a few times. It’s way less effective in small doses which I’ve begun to notice. It does take some time to stabalize too. Also the pH wonders off in smaller resivors. I know you’re in soil though but, like others have said the soil could be effecting the efficiency of the pH perfect technology? 20% coco isn’t a whole lot but if you think it’s leaching the calmag AN makes a coco specific line to avoid that problem. Just a thought. I don’t pH my water anymore but I do check my pH if I see something unusual or if Its been over 7 days. 30% humidity is bad for veg. Shouldn’t be that low unless your really close to harvest.

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