What's going on here? Nute deficiencies?

Moby dick auto
autopot system
Jack’s 3-2-1 nutrients
New bluelab Ph pen, calibrated.
Ph varies between 5.3-6. I aim for 5.5 and then over time it will drift up so I adjust it back down.
tap water sits for a few days before I use it.
34 days old

Not sure what’s happening here. Starting to see more and more of this. rust spots on leaves and lighter colour on some of the leaves. Looking at diagnosis photos online I can see it lining up with deficiencies in Mg, Mn, Zn, P &/or Ca.

The only real difference I can think of is that during my last grow, after mixing the nutes with my tap water the Ph would be around 5.5 so I never had to adjust it when I mixed it up. Sometimes it would drift up a bit over time but it was pretty rare I ever had to adjust the Ph. This time around the Ph is always high after mixing nutes (6.1-6.3) so I find I have to add some Ph reducer right away. I got a replacement Ph pen from Bluelabs because towards the end of my last grow it wasn’t calibrating.

I had a really good grow with the autopot and jack’s last time around. That was Jan-May so it’s possible the city is doing something different with their water during the winter vs right now which could account for the different Ph after mixing nutes?


Can you get to some pictures in regular light?

Also I suspect you may be having issues with your pH being low. Aim for 5.8-5.9 and you should be good

Municipalities do change water treatments sometimes.

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Here’s one with the LED completely off. The first one I posted the LED was dimmed as low as possible.

I’ll try it with the Ph higher as you suggested and see how it goes.

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I’m sorry I just looked back and didn’t see, are you in coco?

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Yes Coco. edit:80% coco, 20% perlite.

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Perfect, then my advice stands :metal:


Im going to agree with under looks like ph issues

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I’d also like to know the input TDS of your nutrient solution.

Silica is something you should add to your nutrient regimen.


just took a measurement. Tap water is 60, reservoir is reading 820.

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Nice call. That’s pretty low. I’d bump that up to 1000 PPMs or so.


Hey @fourtwenty4_20 i didn’t see that you had included water temps. You are on your second grow with the auto pot system. Do you use any beneficial microbes with each watering?
Have you check you rhizome for health?
Hydroguard is something I’ve added and have have much success ever since. If you aren’t chilling you water then you need to be adding some beneficial microbes to keep things healthy.

Water temp is whatever the room temp is, which currently runs around 70F. It will drop a bit as we get into the winter weather but not by much. I keep everything off the concrete floor to minimize temp transfer through there.

I’ve never used microbes or anything else. Just the jacks 321 following their mixing directions.
No idea how to check a rhizome for health.

Each grow I try something new/different and each grow has been better & better. This time I added the air dome.

Welcome to the forum. You are in the best place for the best answers by the best. IMO

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I totally forgot I posted this here. So just to close this out for others that may come across it, It turns out that plant had a bad case of root rot. Didn’t realize until I harvested it but it was pretty nasty. Will have to get some hydroguard for current and future grows. Now to start a new post about another problem I’m having with my current grow…

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